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Friday, April 04, 2008

Mr Mom? No, Utter Madness

It is a pretty sad state of affairs in the US and little wonder why it is looked at by many outside the US as a morally decadent society, when a woman, sorry, female who clearly has psychological issues; decides she wants to be a man. Well no, she wants to look like a man and undergoes hormone therapy to grow stubble and bulk up I suppose and becomes a "legal" man. How one can be a legal "man" without the prerequisite chromosomes and bodily apparati, clearly shows the utter confusion that exists in the US.

In any event, this legal "man" decides to keep their female reproductive organs. Just in case I suppose. Never mind the fact that actual men, well males that is, do not have female reproductive organs or a double x chromosome set. This "man" decides to have a baby and gets pregnant. Now Oprah and a lot of the media is talking about a pregnant man. Utter madness!

There is no pregnant man. There is a very confused woman, sorry, female in need of serious help and a society so fucked up that it doesn't have the logical center to call this what it is: a pregnant woman. Instead we have photo spreads in magazines, TV shows and whatnot.

Utter madness it is. ordinarily I could care less what a confused man, or woman wants to do with their bodies. Their body their business. It's my opinion that if one really thinks that one is a "man" in a womans body and decide to take on a "male" role, then part and parcel of that is the inability to bear children. That is part and parcel of being male. It isn't some biological accident. It isn't a defect, and if you ascribe to a divinity of some sort, it is not an accident of said divinity's creation. It is a fact. It is a fact that all males, all men, come to understand and appreciate. It is part of the mystery of heterosexual sexuality. And be clear here, the "relationship" that this couple has is modelled on a heterosexual model. Clearly, this female is confused by what it means to be a "male" and is that much more confused in regards to what it is to be a man. It is not cute. Not cute at all.

Personally, I think her legal status of male out to be revoked because it is clear that she is not one biologically. She want's to walk around with facial hair and whatnot, she can do her, the rest of society ought not play the game though.

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