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Monday, March 13, 2006

Sudan: The Black (faced) Land

The BBC has reported on a "protest" in the Sudan against UN troops replacing the AU troops.
Says the government:

The envoy, Mohamed Elsamani, said Western troops in any prospective UN force were particularly unacceptable to Sudan referring to the behaviour of US soldiers in Iraq.

"Regarding the bad conduct or treatment of some, whatever linked with the UN or individual countries like America, how it is treating people in Guantanamo, how the allies are treating people in Iraq, in Abu Ghraib prison, or killing civilians - it is not a process which will be accepted in Sudan," he said...Death threats against Western diplomats have been published and militia groups have warned of a holy war.

He says the crowd chanted a mixture of Islamic slogans and insults to America, George Bush and the United Nations.

At Garvey's Ghost we have already stated our opposition to outside (non-African) intervention in the Sudan. However, it is not due to concerns of Soveriegnty, it is rather due to a concern that blacks seem to have gotten it into their heads that they can kill each other over dumb *explitive* and expect other people to bail them out. Mind you I'm well aware that the arms gotten by both sides are gotten from China, Russia and others. To this it was proposed that a blockade be implemented. However; having been recently schooled as to the ways and means of arms dealing, such a blockade would be useless. This turns right back to Africa.

It is my position that the AU force needs to "take sides" and take down the government of Sudan. In fact I think this should happen with a large contingent from Africas largely Muslim countries. It is time for Africa to put up or shut up. Either it will not tolerate government supported mass killings or it will. If it will then the AU is worthless. I find it hypocritical that the Sudanese government would talk about Abu Ghraib and European rapes in the DRC, when it has a full blown genocide happening right in its own border.

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