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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Condi and the Hard Place for Blacks and Democrats

As expected Dr. Condileeza Rice was confirmed for Secretary Of State. This happened, despite clear and documented failures while head of National Security, due to two very important issues:

1) Republicans have the Democrats running scared. Most Democrats voted in favor of Dr. Rice, even though some registered "mis-givings" about the appointment. The larger reason is that the Republicans have for the first time that I can tell since Reconstruction, managed to make the Democrats appear to be the party that blocks black progress. You see Democrats, Progressives, and "traditional" black leadership have been put in the position of opposing a "Black first." This gives so called "black conservatives" plenty of ammunition to fire at those who oppose their agenda, which really isn't thiers but...

What is equally Ironic is that we just finished celebrating the birthday of a man who wished we would be judged by the content of our character and our actions rather than our "skin color" yet it must be said that in this case, Rice received some serious Affirmative Action.

Anyway, this marks an important milestone in black progress as more and more blacks are going to "Succeed" in spite of support of black masses, or the black masses are going to be subject to a serious change in ideology, or there will be a large split in "the black community" where a large segment will live among but not be accountable by another segment who will be starved out of existance as the preferable lot are fed by those who favor them.

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