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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Not to Bullish on Obama

When last I spoke on Barak Obama I noted that he did not stand up in the senate in favour of discussing the issues of voter fraud in Ohio. Leaving it instead to Senator Barbara boxer to "wear the pants." Again it seems that Baraka is finding himself on the wrong side of an important issue: Condeleeza Rice's confirmation as Secretary of State. Barak Obama is one of the Democrats who voted in favor of Ms. Rice's confirmation as Secretary of State. This is not an issue of Rice's intelligence, but about her lack of perfomance as National Security Advisor where she openly admitted to not "concieving" that Saddam Husseins military would fight a guerilla war against the US rather than face the US head on after 10 years of bombibng and blockade by the US. How someone with the responibility of Top National Security, could first miss the signs of an upcoming attack on the WTC, and then miss the obvious (to many in the online press) fighting options for the "insurgents" not to mention flat out lies about Weapons of Mass destruction, could be qualified for any post in the US government is beyond my comprehension. But then again, I have worked withand under people with far less inteligence and and skill than me so that's not entirely foreign. But what this does signal is that Obama is not the "great black senatorial hope" that he has been made out to be. With each passing decision it is becoming more and more clear that he's a different type of animal. Too bad it takes a white lady from California to do what he should be doing: Being the opposition.

Democrats voting in favor were Senators Joseph R. Biden of Delaware, the ranking minority member; Paul S. Sarbanes of Maryland; Christopher J. Dodd of Connecticut; Russell D. Feingold of Wisconsin; Bill Nelson of Florida; and Barack Obama of Illinois.


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