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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

By Thier fruit

Yes 2005 is shaping up as the year of "no balls" for Democrats. Today the NY Times reports on the confirmation hearings for Condeleeza Rice for Secretary of State. Says she:

Ms. Rice said the United States "is guided by the conviction that no nation can build a safer, better world alone."

"Alliances and multilateral institutions can multiply the strength of freedom-loving nations," she said.

"If I am confirmed, that core conviction will guide my actions," Ms. Rice told the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in a confirmation hearing that occasionally produced bitter exchanges. Her promise seemed intended to reassure longtime American allies, particularly France and Germany, that the United States will not chart a go-it-alone course in President Bush's second term.

Aww isn't that nice? Never mind that she was one of the Architects of the "War at any excuse" that is Iraq. But it get's better...much better:

Under questioning from Mr. Biden, the nominee insisted that President Bush "got good military advice" at the outset. But she said unforeseen events had made the mission in Iraq harder than anticipated.

One problem, she said, was that supporters of Saddam Hussein melted away before advancing American forces to become part of the shadowy, and deadly, insurgency that has spawned almost daily bloodshed even as the Jan. 30 elections draw near.

"They didn't stand and fight," Ms. Rice said.

So let's get this straight right, in Vietnam, the posterboy war of this last election, where the entire war was against a guerilla army and in an area where suicide bombings and the like is standard operating proceedure. How was the current situation "unforeseen?" Almost every online publication I read pointed out that it was highly unlikely that the Iraqi military would take on the US, a vastly superior army, head on. This is the best that the "National Security Advisor" can do? This is a person qualified to be Secretary of State? Ms. Rice has already proven to be unqualified for her current position, and I have no doubt that she is unqualified for the one she's being questioned for. But Democrats have no balls and Republicans have to much power for anything like a "no" vote to happen. I wouldn't have a mechanic who could not forsee putting oil in my car would damage the engine, work on my car. Would you?


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