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Monday, September 20, 2004

National Shame!!!

How do you lose a whole ship?

Today in the BBC I read that NIgerian officials have lost not one but two huge ships filled with crude oil. Now let's think about this for a minute. I can understand losing a bag of crack cocaine. I can understand perhaps losing a container. I could maybe understand "somehow" losing the oil in the ship. I mean we know about corruption in Nigeria (as well as elsewhere), but how do you lose an entire ship. You can't take it appart with nobody seeing. And I thought that these ships had trasponders? How is it that two ships are completely off the radar? Exactly where do you hide a ship that weighs a couple of tons? There are satellites in orbit that can see what you are doing in your living room but we can't find an oil tanker? Is this serious?

Nigeria's navy seized MT African Pride tanker along with 13 Russian sailors, on suspicion of smuggling last October.

But the tanker, laden with crude oil, disappeared last month. Navy and police officials have blamed each other.

MT African Pride? Better rename that ship quick!!


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