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Friday, September 17, 2004

Kenyan MP's Stylin'

It has bothered me for the longest how many African Countries have leadership that wear European style clothing as "normal business attire." It seems that some Kenyans have had the same feelings and have done something about it:

The search for a national dress began early this year, a few months after three Kenyan MPs were barred from entering parliament for wearing brightly-coloured Nigerian robes called Agbadas.

Rules dating back to the colonial era stated that male MPs must wear suits and ties in the chamber.

"This argument that the only dress that can be decent is European dress is to me awfully colonial. And I am not sure that even Europeans would today dare advance such an argument," MP Koigi wa Wamwere said at the time.

A small step for Pan-Africanism. I have a number of Agbadas and it is good to see Africans from a whole other side of the continent and a whole other cultural heritage to embrace that clothing.

Good news is good.


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