Days Black People Not Re-Enslaved By Trump

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

MAGA for African-Americans

Shortly after the election I wrote a post that discussed how Trump's "America First" aka "MAGA" movement would be extremely beneficial for African-Americans, particularly those without college degrees:
All those black folks with higher wages than before thanks to the idea of bringing jobs BACK. Black folks stand to win with less illegal immigration and even legal immigration. Black folks stand to win with an America first ideology that brings back or creates manufacturing jobs that can employ those persons not particularly suited for jobs requiring advanced education.

It will be rather interesting if during the presidency of a Republican (in name only?) black unemployment drops significantly.

Not only has Black unemployment dropped, to allegedly historical lows, but we have direct evidence that increased scrutiny of illegal aliens employed by companies has netted many black jobs:
About 800 employees of the main Cloverhill Bakery on the Northwest Side and the company’s bakeries in Cicero and Romeoville lost their jobs when the audit found many were hired after presenting fake or stolen IDs.
Eight what?
In May 2017, the Trump administration sent letters to about 800 employees, saying they weren’t authorized to work in the United States, records examined by the Chicago Sun-Times show.

Those Hispanic employees didn’t return to work, leaving the bakery desperate to fill their jobs. So the company turned to another placement agency, Metro Staff Inc., and it provided Cloverhill with workers screened through the government’s “E-Verification” program. Most of those new employees are African American.

So while the first black president pussy footed around with this company and got SQUAT for black people in Chicago that voted for him. Trump got over 500 (they said most of the 800 not all, so I can only say over 500) black folks in Chicago jobs and you won't hear so much as a "thank you" from any of the talking heads.
Ed French, owner of Elgin-based Metro Staff Inc., says his company became the main provider of workers for the bakery and that about 80 percent of them are black. According to French, workers at the bakery were paid slightly less before his company was hired two and a half years ago — with wages up by about 25 cents an hour, to just above minimum wage.
640 black folks hired AND got more pay than they would have had.

This for a population that voted Democrat by over 90%.


And what do these mofos do with this gift?

But Okwusa says Cloverhill soon ran into problems. In a memo to the company, Okwusa, who is African American, wrote that the black workers “displayed a higher turnover rate of over 40 percent and a lower efficiency rate than their Hispanic co-workers.”
Now I would hope that this turnover rate is due to going to a better job but I've seen this story before and it's unlikely AND doesn't explain the lower efficiency rate. This kind of behavior is why folks end up not wanting to hire black folks.

At the end of the day, at least for Chicago African-Americans, Trump delivered the goods. If we [continue] to fail when these opportunities are opened to us, then we have no one else to blame but ourselves.


A Hispanic woman who formerly worked at the bakery says the ICE audit cost her husband his job. But she says she didn’t feel tension between Hispanic and black workers because, “In the time that I worked there, honestly, I didn’t see any black workers. They came later.”
They had no intentions on hiring black folks.
Black workers couldn’t communicate well with Spanish-speaking Mexican workers and supervisors, according to Lane, who blames the company for the resulting confusion.

“When I first started, and when they first put me in as a packer, I asked the question, ‘Do they speak English?’ ” she says. “And they said: ‘Everybody.’ But when I went to communicate with them, no one spoke English.”

Shouldnt happen in America. But just you wait black folks. If things continue as they have been soon you too will be deemed unqualified to work because you don't speak Spanish.