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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Not Just Any Police Shooting

The shooting of Justine Ruszczyk by Minneapolis police officer Mohamed Noor stands out as a striking example of police criminal misconduct. I usually reserve judgement on these matters but the facts as known as of this writing are so damning that I cannot even see a jury finding reasonable doubt.

In most of the other police shootings there have been a consistent case of lack of following directions on the part of the "victim". However; such a thing doesn't even exist in this case. Officer Noor took it upon himself to shoot across his partner into a person who he had not identified. This bears repeating. Noor and his partner had driven down an alley with their lights off, claiming that they wanted to be able to get the drop on whoever may be out there. When Justine appeared after a "loud bang", Noor, raised up his weapon and fired into Justine's abdomen. He did this by shooting across his partner.

Noor had no idea who the person was. Justine is dead because she happened to be in view after a loud bang was heard. The level of incompetence that is required to shoot at an unknown target is criminal. That Noor is not current under arrest on charges of criminally negligent homicide speaks to the level of PC in that city.

In South Carolina officer Slager was tossed on his ass and quickly charged for shooting a person who not only ran away from a lawful stop but who had assaulted officer Slager when he was caught. All the politicians and media jumped on Slager and condemned him, but these same outlets and politicians have not even half the outrage for this homicide.

I have heard that Noor may have performed poorly during his training but was passed anyway. I have no idea if that claim is true. If it is though, then the city and perhaps state will be on the hook for letting an unqualified officer onto the streets.