Days Black People Not Re-Enslaved By Trump

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Good Video Links

Two videos that say what I say.

1) Sharia Compliance. Earlier this year I wrote that the DNC is Sharia compliant:

Under Sharia and/or simple "rules of Islam" it is forbidden to insult the prophet and criticising Islam is blasphemy. In a Christian (or other non-Islamic country) such rules wouldn't mean more than the dust on the street. If one is NOT a Muslim, such rules are non-binding since you haven't agreed to adhere to them.
See, there is a difference between respecting someone's values and being subject to them. I don't eat pork. I don't expect that any and everyone around me not indulge. Just don't feed it to me. Same with alcohol. Not my business if you carry or imbibe (as long as you're not driving) but I have no place to make you change your behavior because I dislike it. If it bothers me that much I should not be hanging around you. My beliefs and taboos are my problem not yours. Sargon of Akkad understands:

Essentially what these Muslims (and the lefties that support them) are doing is making us submit to Islam. Fuck that in it's entirety.

2) Sessions foolishness: I'm bothered by Sessions decision to double down on the entirely unconstitutional civil asset forfeiture. Citizens should never be subject to having their property (including money) seized by the state just because the state *thinks* (with whatever flimsy reasoning) you may have committed a crime. Cernovich makes this plain: