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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Stop Rolling Over For The Islamic Bully

Let me tell you a story from my past life:

I used to have a nasty, snap of the finger temper. At some point around age 9 something in my head clicked and it stopped. Mind you I still have a temper, it simply is not hair trigger anymore. Due to this change in behavior I began to tolerate a lot of shit. A lot. This peaked in high school where I became a regular victim of bullying in the school cafeteria.

No, this is not a woe is me story.

I dreaded going to the cafeteria and not just because of the food. Every day I would have food thrown at me. Beef patties, milk in and out of their cartons, Pizza and the occasional fruit. All sat through this and took it for months. Violence was "wrong" and I didn't want to risk my education (and my life) getting into it. Besides there were 3 or 4 of them and one of me. So I just kept my head low and hoped that that they would get bored.

On occasion I would go to the library, partially because there was a girl in there I liked very much but was too chicken shit to speak to (a whole other story but being scared in one part of your life usually shows up in others. Just saying). But I still had to go to the cafeteria. And then it happened. The one beef patty too much flew through the air and hit me.

That was the day I stood up, went over to my tormentors and let them know that someone was going to get dead the next time such an event happened. And believe me, this wasn't a suggestion. At that point I was actually prepared to put someone permanently into the ground the next time this happened.

I don't know whether it was the look in my eye or what but after that there was no more food throwing. A lot of other bullshit stopped too. Oh and I finally spoke to the cute girl on the library.

Here's the point. Muslims in Europe are the food throwers of this story. So long as they are tolerated, they will continue to behave in the way that they are. The only thing that will stop them is the very real guarantee of overwhelming violence in return for any more "activities". This is the only thing bullies understand. Either you are a compliant/easy mark or you are something or someone to be avoided at all costs. Right now Europe is the easy and compliant mark. They are doing everything wrong. They are Sharia compliant.

They harass their citizens when they speak out asking for the state to do it's job. They jail citizens who speak ill of Islam. They censor their own people and culture so that the bully may rape their children, take over ever increasing areas of their lands and threaten their very way of life. Citizens in the UK must now tolerate the Army wandering around their neighborhoods because "diversity" and "terrorism" is something they must accept in "modern" England.

When foodstuffs were being thrown at me for months on end, not a single person lifted a finger to help me. Nobody stood up for me. I was the loser who was laughed at for allowing myself to be a victim. This is what is happening around the world. the UK (and indeed much of western Europe) is the laughing stock of the Islamic world. Why? Because no self respecting Muslim would allow what is happening to the English to happen to their people why a foreign agent.

It is not to late for the UK (and France) to do what is necessary but the longer they wait, the longer they continue to roll over for the Islamic bully, the harder the solutions become to execute.