Days Black People Not Re-Enslaved By Trump

Monday, January 23, 2017

The Rights They Already Have

There was a time where legally women were second class citizens. They couldn't vote. Were excluded from obtaining credit. Could be raped by their husbands, etc. There were many reasons why women, in the US, wanted to have those issues addressed. If 2017 was the same as those times, then the masses of women that we saw rallying in various cities in the US would have made sense. But today we see that what these women want are not equal rights but legally enshrined entitlement.

One of the things that struck me about the "reporting" on the marches was the total lack of basic journalism. Certainly it occurred to at least one of the "reporters" to ask what specific right do men have in the US that women do not. Of course there aren't any. Legally, women in the US have the same rights as men. In fact, women have more rights and privileges than men do in the US. How so, let me go over two obvious points:

1) While women may volunteer to join the military, every male citizen is required to register for selective service. Failure to do so is a crime. In the past when the draft was in effect, any male was subject to being called up for military service. Women, in America, have never been subject to such a legal requirement, even when they gained the right to vote. They could help decide policy but never had to actually be forced to put their lives on the line for said policy.

2) Total control over reproduction and parenthood. Once the Supreme Court decided that abortion was legal because the fetus was a part of the woman's body and therefore her literal property to do with as she pleased, women gained the exclusive right to determine whether a human being could be born or not. Because of this, men lost the ability to have any real, legal input into whether he could have children. If a man wanted a child and impregnated a woman and she decided that she didn't want it, tough for him. Her body her choice.

Now this wouldn't be a problem if a woman didn't also have the right to go to court and have the state force a man to pay for a child he did not wish to be a parent of/. Women, in America have been granted the "right" to force a man to pay for a child he has no wish to have or be a part of simply because it has his DNA. Think about it. A woman can discard this same DNA at any time she wishes above the father's objection, but if the man attempts to similarly decline parental responsibility he can be forced to pay for a child he had no wish in making. That is not equal treatment under the law.

It doesn't matter whether socially you think that a man should "man up" and "take care of his responsibilities". Under the law each of us should be equally protected and privileged. If a woman can decide whether she wants to be a parent, including the financial responsibilities that goes with it, then so should a man. Period.

Those are the two glaring inequalities that are weighed in favor of women. A lot of women think that social inequalities, that is, how they are viewed economically and socially are somehow in the realm of 'rights". They are not. Because they think that, they think they are owed goods and services for free. lets look at birth control.

There are women who think that access to free to them, out of pocket birth control is a right. It is not. It is slavery. The only right a woman has, as it pertains to birth control, is access to it. That is all. When women say they have a right to free to them birth control, what they are saying, quite clearly is that they do not feel that they have to pay for any of the procedures that took and takes place to get that. Other people should pay for that. So since an insurance company is not simply going to take a hit to their bottom line to provide "free" birth control, the cost is passed on to the consumer. We all pay higher healthcare costs, and half of us who do not use this service underwrite this cost for women we are not involved with sexually.

So while these women have their hands in the pockets of millions of men, they march around talking about how they want to government and corporations off their bodies and out of their vaginas. I agree 100%.

Some women talk about how pay is not equal. Well nobody has the same pay. Ever. But again, there is no law, state or federal that requires that women be paid less than men. In fact there are locations and industries where women, particularly single women, have higher incomes than men. Many studies have shown that once controlled for variables, these claims of unequal pay vanish. In cases where companies or managers of certain areas of a company actually conspire to pay their female employees less, women have, like men, the right to take them to court and involve government agencies for corrective action.

So to anyone who can see, the millions of women who we saw plastered over the news are showing just how much of an entitlement attitude they have. One thing I'm hoping with this "change of the guard" and it's adversarial relationship with the mainstream media is that sacred fake cows start getting speared in the brain.