Days Black People Not Re-Enslaved By Trump

Monday, January 16, 2017

Steve Harvey Proves a Better Leader Than John Lewis

John Lewis brought shame to himself and his office when he made an ass of himself by announcing that he was going to boycott Trump's inauguration. In his publicity seeking attack on Trump, and that's what it was, he not only announced his non-attendance but he said that Trump was an illegitimate president.

The media, as usual spun this as Trump "attacking" a Civil Rights icon, as if people involved in the Civil Rights era are infallible, when Trump didn't roll over and play dead when attacked by a black person. Trump pointedly showed how black political leadership has utterly failed in their alleged "duty" to represent black America. He pointed out how far Selma, AL has fallen. He pointed out the totally unacceptable levels of homicides and other violence that plague urban black America.

Of course neither Lewis nor the MSM can handle the truth and have no answers for the facts pointed out by Trump, so they fall back on the tired, worn out, creased, missing corners race of spades card. See, John Lewis knows that Trump is legitimate. He knows how the Electoral College works. He knows the popular vote does not determine presidential elections. He's been fine with that for as long as he's been in office. Lewis doesn't have to like Trump. Lewis doesn't have to agree with Trump. Lewis, as a representative of his district took an oath to uphold the Constitution. In his declaring Trump illegitimate, he failed to live up to his oath.

In stark contrast to Lewis, Steve Harvey, to the ire of his fans, accepted an invitation from Trump to meet and probably discuss issues affecting black folks. I don't know, wasn't in the room. I'm not that much of a Harvey fan. I don't listen to the show unless I have to (company car with no aux input). I did hear that he was very much against Trump during the campaign. That was his right and to some "duty" as a citizen. I have no problem with that on principle. But what is important here is that once the election was over (or shortly thereafter) Steve understood that the time is now to move along. Trump is president. You respect the office, even if you don't respect the office holder and as a citizen, when called, you provide service. Period.

For this, Steve Harvey has gained more respect from me. Lewis can go away.

While on the subject let me also point out that Jennifer Holliday is also a sham and shame who will not get any support from me. She previously agreed to perform at the inauguration. Her position was that though she didn't agree with Trump, that her performance would be for healing and bringing people together. Now personally, I don't think a citizen should have to explain why he or she is performing for or with the head of state, but this seems to be a trend now. Anyway, Holliday backed out of her agreement (which shows a lack of character IMO). She said that her fans or whomever were mad because her performance would be seen as endorsing Trump and his ideas.

Once again I'll point out the double fucking standard at work here. When Christian bakers and caterers refused to sell gay wedding cakes or provide catering to a gay marriage because they felt that such participation was and endorsement of something they opposed morally, They got hemmed up in courts. Shut down, sued and trashed by the media. Never mind that they were exercising constitutional rights. The left said that their cakes and catering services were not endorsements but rather simple business transactions with no moral statements.

So now performing for Trump is an endorsement of him and his ideas. This is why I'm not a Democrat. This is why I am not a liberal. This is why I'm no longer "on the left" (I am center). These blatant hypocrisies are unacceptable. If there is one thing I hope this term of office does, I hope it breaks the hypocrisy. It needs to happen. And if it means taking out a few Civil Right's icons, then so be it.