Days Black People Not Re-Enslaved By Trump

Saturday, December 10, 2016

The Russians Are Hacking!

With all this recent "interest" in fake news, you would think that the MSM would review it's own recent commentary on the alleged accuracy of the American voting system before running full bore with the Russians helped Trump get elected story.

Before this election when Trump said he wouldn't necessarily accept the results. Clinton and the MSM (revealed to be one and the same) went ape shit, declaring that Trump was threatening the very foundations of American democracy by attempting to delegitimize the apparently tamper proof election process. Now with Clinton's loss. Everyone on the left who was yapping on about "delegitimized elections being dangerous" are running around talking about how Trump is "not their president." We have recounts targeting states that Trump won but not states that Clinton won as if no one can see the rank hipocrisy of that And now the word is that Putin has somehow "influenced the election."

Mind you before this election, particularly with the Bush election, Democrats and the left spent much energy talking about how ballot boxes are hackable and we can't trust them. They spent 8 years "delegitimizing" US elections. Apparently these machines were run by big money Republicans who were going to conspire to make sure no Democrat ever won a presidential election again. Then Obama got elected.

During most of the Obama term, talk about hackable and hacked ballot boxes all but disappeared. Yeah in certain tech circles there were discussions on the matter, but for much of Obama's term nobody on the left had much to say about voting machines. All the attention went to making it easier for people who should not vote to be able to vote by making sure to challenge any and every piece of legislation requiring voter ID.

See the argument was this. Black people are too poor and too fucking lazy to go to a government office and get an ID. But these same poor and lazy black people manage to get ID's for shit like bank accounts, auto loans, cigarettes and alcohol. The other argument being that some black people live so far away from government offices that they could not get to one in time for the election that was years away.


Never mind that any legislation could have had a provision that the state send mobile units to people who could not make it to the ID location. Never mind that the state could (and many do) use mail in ID.

And then there was the entire, some black people don't have birth certificates because Jim Crow. Never mind that persons in the US illegally manage to get all manner of ID's, some from the states themselves, a black person without a birth certificate can't do anything. Oh never mind that they didn't apparently CARE about that issue before. Never mind that.

So these same folks going on and on about how Putin is influencing the election apparently see no problem whatsoever with the "honor system" the US has in place for voting. That is, any mofo can walk in off the street, swear he or she is a citizen, and if their name is not on a roll, vote "provisionally". And if they are on a roll because they got one of those ID's the states have been handing out like candy, they can actually vote. Nothing can possibly go wrong there.

The Democratic delegitimizing machine has gotten so bad that the current president is telling the troops that they should question the orders of the incoming commander in chief. I don't think i've ever heard of a sitting president doing such a thing. Certainly private citizens have said such things many many times, but I've NEVER heard of a president making such commentary. It really shows how little respect the Democrats have for institutions and organizations they are not in direct control over.

Showing just how in the pocket the MSM is to Democratic party talking points is the fact that we KNOW for a fact that a country has been trying and actually directly influencing the US elections: Mexico. Their embassies have been instructing their citizens on how to become dual citizens so that they can vote in the interests of Mexico. And that's just on elections. They have been constantly hammering the US with illegal immigration as well. So knowing this is the case, you would think that actual journalists would present this to the citizenry. Nope. Somehow the Democrats have found a use for Russiaphobia, something they used to hammer Republicans on. Democrats are doing everything they can to delegitimize the recent election and no one in the MSM is calling them on it. It's clear and it's blatant and that is far more "problematic" than whatever they *think* Putin has done.