Days Black People Not Re-Enslaved By Trump

Monday, December 05, 2016

MAGA Ideology Getting Black Folks Jobs

It's sad that a mere 8% of black folks voted for Trump. At a most basic level, the idea that one is all in on one of two major parties means that when the party you back is out of office, you're screwed. But sadly black folks generally stayed off the Trump wagon due to fear mongering by Democrats (what else do they do?). Meanwhile MAGA ideology is getting black folks employed.

One point in the MAGA ideology is that jobs should return to the US. Now the MSM and Democrats (I repeat myself...really) have tried to say that message is only for white working class men. Yet Trump never made such a statement (go ahead and look for it). He made a plea to working class Americans and that includes Black Americans.

Last night on 60 Minutes was a segment on bringing jobs to Miss.

Link here if above is not working:

Now what is important to note is the sheer number of black people in the video. Now it is entirely possible that this was staged like many companies do. However; that is Mississippi. Lots of black folks there. All those black folks with higher wages than before thanks to the idea of bringing jobs BACK. Black folks stand to win with less illegal immigration and even legal immigration. Black folks stand to win with an America first ideology that brings back or creates manufacturing jobs that can employ those persons not particularly suited for jobs requiring advanced education.

It will be rather interesting if during the presidency of a Republican (in name only?) black unemployment drops significantly.