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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Why Is There So Much Concern About Russia?

So we have been treated to the Great Russian Conspiracy" in regards to the US election. Democrats who used to be against chicken hawk type behavior are fanning the flames of the Evil Empire for the purposes of scaring the shit out of the electorate and raising the spectre of "rigged elections" on the off chance they lose this one. The lynch pin (are you triggered?) of this plan is the notoriously short memory of the electorate, assuming the voters in question even paid attention the first time around. What has been forgotten? Ukraine.

See, not too long ago the US along with allies in the EU meddled and interfered with the elections of and government operations of Ukraine. This forced a complete breakdown of the Ukrainian government and a low intensity civil war within that country for the purposes of pulling it away from Russian sphere of influence and allowing NATO to edge that much closer to Moscow.

Therefore anyone in camp Hillary or camp Democrat who is flapping their gums and their hands about Russian influence on US elections either thinks you are a fool (and apparently there are a LOT of fools out there), or boldly believes that the US has carte blanche to mess with the elections of other countries but that rooster can't settle down on domestic fences.

Lastly it is of great irony that a party that houses a good number of actual communists is making noise about an ex-KGB agent who runs an ex-communist country.