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Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Who Is Making the UN Security Council Illegitimate?

Russian vetoes are putting UN security council's legitimacy at risk, says US Because of course If you go against the US you cannot possibly have a legitimate reason to do so.

The United States has warned that Russia’s continued blanket use of its UN veto will jeopardise the security council’s long-term legitimacy and could lead the US and like-minded countries to bypass it as a decision-making body.
Let me offer a better view of the UN and it's "Security" council. It is already an illegitimate body. Why? US Invades a sovereign country that poses no imminent risk of invasion, Iraq because Colin Powell says there's a good reason for it. Never mind the UN Charter and that pesky "no nation shall invade another" proclamation. UN does nothing.

US in cooperation with France and England arm people in Libya, operate a no fly zone and aid in deposing the internationally recognized government in Libya. All with the UN's resolution and blessing and in disregard to the "no nation shall invade another" proclamation.

US is currently attempting to topple another government, Assad in Syria, though it poses no immediate threat to the US. The only nation in the security council, as far as I know, that is calling bullshit on the blatantly illegitimate attempt to oust the internationally recognized government of Syria is Russia.

You have to believe that right is wrong, left is right and up is down and Bruce Jenner is a woman to believe that it is the actions of Russia that makes the UN and it's Security [sic] Council illegitimate.