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Monday, September 14, 2015

Thick Headed Fools

It's pretty sad, and probably why I'm taking this quasi break from writing to see politicians from all over say dumb things in regards to Syria and ISIS. John Corbyn says that Assad should be removed. McCain Says Assad should be removed. When you see so called "progressives" and "conservatives" saying the same thing, you really have to wonder whom they are working for.

Anyone who paid attention when Libya was being destroyed knew full well that Ghaddafi, like him or not, kept a lid on the rival groups that were in his country and was keeping people from trying to cross the Mediterranean rickety (and some not so rickety) boats. Never mind Ghadaffi's about face in regards to the West and all the sanction lifting. As soon as it became expedient, Europeans knifed him in the back and now Libya has some Jihadis and people smuggler's galore. But yay! Ghaddifi is dead.

Syria's Assad was like Gaddafi, you may not have liked his particular style of rule but folks were kept in line and in check. No ISIS. No Al-Qaeda. But the same idiots who sold Ukraine on messing up relations with Russia, convinced some idiots in Syria that life without Assad would be the best thing since Manna from heaven. Now we have millions of people displaced and trying their luck on what may as well be inflatable rafts to reach Germany. ISIS has taken control of half the country and has people from all over Europe trying to get themselves to the Caliphate.

Apparently these so called "bright" people haven't figured out that Assad is and was a better choice than ISIS. It's that whole "lesser of evils" thing. I'd rather have a person who is capable of keeping order, even if it means a couple of "dissidents" have to go missing from time to time, than have a government run by people who think mass executions, beheadings and killing as many infidels as possible is good foreign policy.

But what do I know? Nobody has elected me to office and I'm not asked to share my opinion on news programs.

By the way. How is it the US people's obligation or the people of Europe's obligation to take all these 'refugees" when there are Arab states far closer who are so rich, they pay their citizens stipends and have real estate sitting empty? That are building billion dollar stadiums and the like? It's interesting that the masses of people who were and are against their countries being involved in any of the civil wars going on the Middle East are being told they have to bear the brunt of the fallout, while their so called leaders live in the lap of security luxury. You know, I read a lot about how the Great White Race (tm) is known for it's ability to plan ahead. Seems that is not so true anymore. The Germans, those paragons of whiteness seem to not have been able to force what advertising a very liberal asylum policy would do. So NOW they want to close their borders. No way we could have seen that coming.