Days Black People Not Re-Enslaved By Trump

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Rising Tide of Other Minorities Who DGAF About Slavery and Jim Crow

One of the side effects of the "browning of America" that a lot of so called "black leadership" have not come to terms with is that as the white population shrinks and is replaced by whites of non-"Anglo" ancestry and other assorted non-whites who have zero connections to Jim Crow and slavery, the usefulness of "white supremacy" arguments are going to take a huge nosedive.

While most white Americans have been cowed into silence on the subject of black folks messing up, for example the 30 dead in Baltimore in the past 30 days with nary a single police officer involved. Other groups are not so quick to toe the PC line. Of late the Asian community, though small relative to other "minority" groups (remember that as of 2050 "minority" will HAVE TO include whites. That should be fun) have been very vocal about the effects that Affirmative Action has against them

A coalition of Asian-American groups filed a federal complaint against Harvard University on Friday alleging the school engaged in "systemic and continuous discrimination" against Asian Americans during its admissions process.

More than 60 Chinese, Indian, Korean and Pakistani groups came together for the complaint, which was filed with the civil rights offices at the justice and education departments. They are calling for an investigation into Harvard and other Ivy League institutions that they say should stop using racial quotas or racial balancing in admission.

Think of this as the Bakke case (and others) without the whiteface. Here you have a diverse group of students arguing that they are being hurt by the admission of lesser qualified diverse students.
"We want to eliminate discrimination of Asian Americans, and we want procedural justice for all racial groups," Yukong Zhao, one of the chief organizers and a guest columnist with the Orlando Sentinel, told NBC News. "All racial groups should be treated equal." [My underlines]
It will be amusing to watch various parties arguing against equal treatment and equal standards as this case goes forward. That along with a lecture about the history of Jim Crow and slavery to which these groups will respond: "We had nothing to do with that." I will remind the reader that in the hierarchy of test scores Asians decimate the competition. You do not even want to see how poorly African-Americans do, on average, compared to Asians.

Is it any wonder then that during the latest Baltimore "unrest" folks were "directed" to target Asian (and Arab) owned businesses?

It's going to get really ugly when these assorted minorities who cannot be induced into "white guilt" because by technicalities they are not "white" become more and more vocal about why they should be subject to certain rules which apparently punishes them for working hard while they see (and are victims of) a relatively large number of black folks who mess about, destroying their future prospects who then demand special attention from various institutions. Post 2050 is going to be interesting.