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Saturday, May 09, 2015

More Left Crow Nonsense

I've pointed out the rising "Left Crow" phenomenon that is rapidly infecting the US (among other places). Today's example from The DC:
Students at Dartmouth College launched a petition drive demanding the newly-elected student body president resign after they say he was disrespectful to the plight of American blacks and other marginalized groups.

The twist: The president is a gay black man.

Not to say that a black man, homo or heterosexual cannot be "disrespectful to the plight of American blacks..." but there is a pretty high burden of proof needed to make such a claim stick. But you'd think that there is a problem with the entire student body, if this accusation is true, because they voted for this guy in the first place. Also note the immediate demand to resign. This is now hallmark Left Crow behavior. They don't like you or what you say, therefore you must be denied employment. The irony that.
The controversy began last weekend, when a group of demonstrators paraded through Hanover, N.H. on Friday and Saturday in solidarity with those protesting police brutality in Baltimore. At one point during the Saturday protests, the demonstrators assembled outside the sorority Kappa Delta Epsilon, which was hosting an invite-only Kentucky Derby party. The students targeted the party as a bastion of racism, exclusion and oppression.
So the protest is against the police, or nominally police misconduct, yet these fools decided that harassing fraternity members was a good use of their time. Question for these idiots: How many white fraternity members have killed black folks since ohh....1964?

I wont wait.

One of those in attendance at the party was Frank Cunningham, who last month was elected as the college’s Student Assembly president. Cunningham was allegedly insulted by one of the protesters, who supposedly called him a derogatory name along the lines of “Uncle Tom.”
Black person doing something Left Crow doesn't approve of? Hanging around persons Left Crow doesn't approve of? Must be Uncle Tom!!

Not much of the exchange can be made out, other than Cunningham at one point shouting the protesters’ chant “I Can’t Breathe” back at them. Shortly afterwards, bystanders separate Cunningham from the protesters without any further escalation.

Nonetheless, the protesters have launched a petition effort demanding that Cunningham immediately resign for intimidating a smaller woman and for “appropriating” the words “I can’t breathe.”

OMG The big gay black man was intimidating the small woman. Oh wait where have we seen THAT paranoia before? I watched the video. Looked like typical counter protesting to me. If chick is not prepared for counter-protesting, maybe she should have stayed home.
One signatory of the petition, Dartmouth student Joseph Ramsawak, succinctly says “We ain’t here for fuckboys and shoe-shining coonery,” apparently a more vulgar way of calling Cunningham an “Uncle Tom” for serving as student body president at a mostly white, wealthy school like Dartmouth.
I bet Joseph doesn't go to the 'hood with that kind of mouth.

Another signatory, Sadia Hassan, says Cunningham showed an “incredible lack of restraint” through his actions.

“The incredible lack of restraint Frank displays in the face of a woman who is clearly much smaller than him is appalling,” she writes. “Using your body to intimidate and harass a woman is wrong any way you slice it. He is clearly not being threatened in this video and to insinuate that the woman must have incited this violent act is nothing short of victim blaming. It is inexcusable plain and simple.”

That was "lack of restraint"? "Violent"? These Left Crow people are such babies. But you know, it's par for the course. If you disagree with these folks you are supposed to shut up and sit down. Resistance is "lack of restraint". Might even be rape. And now the sad, but expected part:
Cunningham himself made an apology for his actions in an email sent to the student body.
I repeat. If you've done nothing wrong, do not apologize. You are not responsible for the feelings of these over grown babies. They are bullies and bullies are emboldened by apologies. The proper response to these people is: fuck off.
“As a minority queer student myself, I would never want my actions to make an individual feel silenced on this campus,” he said. “It hurts that it’s been perceived that I am not a supporter of the #Blacklivesmatter movement, but I sincerely hope that my imminent plans and initiatives aimed at addressing these nationwide issues and issues at home are indicative of my commitment. Overall, I’m a human being, I made a mistake, and I am deeply sorry. These last few days have been very emotional for me, and I promise it won’t happen again.”
Personally I don't care who this guy has sex with. But whatever his ID is, it is irrelevant. He did nothing wrong and should not have apologized. He didn't silence anyone. THEY are trying to silence HIM. But this guy is so far up the Left Crow's ass that he can't see that.

Also, I don't care much for the so called #BlackLivesMatter movement. If these people were so concerned about black lives, they would have a bounty on the head of every African-American' killer living in our communities. They would give them 24 hours to either turn themselves in or be out of town. In cities all over the US, hundreds of black males (mostly) are killed by other black males every year. I'm not even including the non-fatal shootings, robberies and assaults. You might have a vigil held by the place it happens for a day and then its back to normal. But let a felon who was just busted with drugs a month prior get killed and it's weeks of protests, riots and property destruction.

If they thought black lives matter, they'd have an economic plan that meant getting these millionaire black ball players and the like to invest in plans for businesses run "for us by us". Long term technical training programs to get those who are not college material to get into other fields like plumbing, HVAC, Auto mechanic, etc.

If they were serious about black lives mattering they would be fully against illegal immigration because illegal immigration negatively affects the job prospects for Freddie Gray's and Eric Garner's. But these so called "educated" protestors are too dumb to do that. So they'd rather be babies and cry and throw tantrums when people think differently from them.

And this will get worse and worse as the victims of the Left Crow continue to apologize for their non-offenses and so long as school administrators allow these bullies to operate on campus without consequence.