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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Maybe I Missed Something

From the Daily News:
Students at Booker T. Washington High School in Norfolk and the NAACP slammed Amy Strickland ― a former teacher of the year ― for retweeting an offensive joke apparently mocking interracial couples, WAVY reported.
So, so far a person re-tweeted a tweet without commentary. I don't see what the problem is.
The tweet featured a photo of high school couples posing for a prom photo: Each of the girls were white, and all of the guys were black. The photo’s caption read, “Every white girl’s father’s worst nightmare.”
Which wasn't HER caption. It was the caption on the original photo. So again. I don't see what the problem is.
Students told the school’s principal about their find ― and planned the Monday walkout when the school failed to take action.
So they found a retweet on her page with a caption they considered offensive and ran to the principal to get her in trouble.

So in essence if you retweet a tweet of someone else without commentary YOU are now the author of the original tweet? Really?

“I could have been any one of the boys in the picture,” junior Michael LeMelle told the TV station Monday. “And I really don’t see myself … as anyone’s worst nightmare.”
Ok. That's nice. See so what you do is retweet with a comment to that effect or AT the original tweeter and say "Nah". Problem solved.
On Tuesday, the school board said it was investigating.

But the probe ― which was announced only after the student walkout ― should have launched days ago, activists said.

What is there to investigate. A RT (retweet) without commentary is neither an endorsement or refutation of the original statement. It is merely passing it through your account to your followers (if private) or the public (if public). Anyone else is free to look at or further interact. I note the conspicuous absence of any mention of any commentary by the assistant principal.
While Dillard applauded the students for their peaceful protest, he urged the school to reprimand Strickland and take control of the school
Reprimand her for what? What exactly is there to reprimand her about? They don't like what she retweets? Hello, can we say "prior restraint of speech" (if that is a public school)? They will be lucky if it turns out that they are dealing with yet another white guilt having white person ready to fall down sobbing and apologizing. They will he VERY unlucky if this woman has any backbone and sues the pants and skirts off anyone who touches this case. She will win if she does