Days Black People Not Re-Enslaved By Trump

Friday, November 14, 2014

"Because They Did Not Believe He Was Armed"

Two officers approached Mr. Gonzalez with their firearms pointed at him and told him to stop. He continued running, and the officers decided not to use lethal force because they did not believe he was armed.
The officer put his finger on the trigger of his gun, pointed it at Mr. Gonzalez as he came up the stairs, and told him to stop. But, Mr. Gonzalez continued running and the officer did not shoot because he did not believe Mr. Gonzalez was armed. It was later discovered that Mr. Gonzalez had a knife.
“After attempting twice to physically take Gonzalez down but failing to do so because of the size disparity between the two, the officer then attempted to draw her baton but accidentally grabbed her flashlight instead,” the report said. “The officer threw down her flashlight, drew her firearm, and continued to give Gonzalez commands that he ignored.”
Ferguson: Unarmed man shot because he posed a threat to officer.

White House: "Unarmed" man NOT shot because he posed a threat to the president.

One of these scenarios is wrong.

Question: Do any of these people actually have orders to shoot threats? Or do they just talk to them and hope they comply?