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Monday, October 06, 2014

In Liberia, One Woman's Singular Fight Against Ebola

Some time ago I wrote a particularly "sharp" piece (among others) in regards to the Africans, particularly doctors who live their lives in Europe and America while the people in their home countries depend on volunteer (usually white) doctors from Europe for basic medical care. Some people didn't appreciate my critique of those people, who usually complain about racism and non-acceptance in their adopted countries. Now with Ebola surging folks have a chance to think on the importance of my commentary.
ocal doctors were horrified. Fatu Kekula was trying to care for her family, sick with Ebola, at home using nothing more than plastic trash bags, a raincoat bought in the market, boots, a surgical mask and gloves.

They called, urging her to be sensible.

“Doctors called and told me to leave them right alone and not go anywhere near them,” the 22-year-old nursing student said. “I couldn’t. They’re my only family... Every day, Fatu said, she called for an ambulance and begged for help. For more than two weeks, none came.

Two weeks? Calling Flavor Flav!

Garvey asked: Where are your men of great affairs?

I ask: Where are your modern hospitals and why are your doctors treating rich people in other countries?