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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

When The Facts Are On Your Side.....

Many of you are familiar with the legal saying that if the law in on your side, pound the law. If the facts are on your side, pound the facts. If neither one are on your side, pound the table. I think this applies to the recent NY Times article about the rise of "far right" parties across Europe. Reading the piece the astute reader will notice that nowhere in the article is there a challenge to any of the base positions held by these "far right" individuals. Furthermore, given that many of these "far right" political parties such as UKIP are as popular if not more so than establishment parties, one has to wonder just how "fringe' or "far" these parties actually are relative to the population at large. When you see the establishment parties changing their tune (if only temporarily for elections) in order to staunch defection of voters from their parties to these "far right" parties you have to wonder who exactly is "far" anything.

What we are seeing in England and elsewhere in western Europe is a popular backlash against the growing PC state. The natives of the various entities are tired of being told who they have to accept into their countries. They are tired of being told that they are racist, xenophobic, anti-Semitic and what have you when they insist that foreigners learn the languages of the countries they voluntarily move to. When they wish to see immigration into their countries controlled and limited. They do not like seeing their money taken from them and sent elsewhere by people they don't even elect. They're tired of being told what they can and cannot say in public. They are tired of their speech being criminalized. They are tired of the establishment telling them how to think and behave. They are tired of seeing the rich get off scott free when they commit all manner of economic crimes but see their taxes go up and their tax agencies hounding them with threats when they fail to live up to their bargains. In short they are tired of the hypocricy and the snobby "we know better than you so shut up and take what we dish out" attitudes of the current leadership.

If the establishment parties want to find the cause of the rise of "far right" parties they should look no further than their own actions in alienating the people they are supposed to represent (hint: they are the citizens, including the male ones). Blathering on about how racist and anti-Semitic these parties are is clearly not working. Why? Because even the ones who ARE anti-Semitic have no intentions of doing a Hitler. Seriously. The ones that do are almost universally disliked in those quarters. I know because I read much of the writings of those in that quarter so I have a very clear picture of their actual issues.

Years ago, I wrote a piece on what was likely to happen in the US as the white population became a smaller and smaller part of the citizenry. I said it would not be pretty as various non-white groups (and some white ones) attempted to write the white population off as essentially not worthy of attention or of having rights unless they were "liberal". I don't know how long that's going to take but you're seeing a form of the backlash in England and elsewhere. Fortunately it's peaceful. I still predict something similar here BUT it will likely have the effect of killing off the Republican party as we know it. I say this because a lot of the so called "dissident right" are also very much not happy with the Republican party or it's economic benefactors any more than the left is. Some of the reasons are the same (money and influence in elections) and some are different (immigration, etc.).

If a UKIP were to be able to develop in the US. A party that could really give a damn about political correctness and who could not be shamed into changing positions. Who's leadership were well spoken with a grasp on their data, it would make the current so called adversarial two party system in the US look friendly. I believe the Tea Party was an attempt at that, but because it tried to fold into the Republican party it was unable to stand on it's own like UKIP is. It will be very, very interesting to see what happens if UKIP wins a plurality of votes in England (and other similar parties in other European countries).

So expect to see more reporting that stresses how racist, anti-Semitic and the like these parties are. But pay close attention to the avoidance of the actual issues these parties address. It is a real elite vs masses struggle playing out.