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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Racism Attacks on UKIP Appear to Fail

Like I said a few posts ago, the powers that be are so shook by the fact that UKIP has grown so large in the UK that they are hoping that they can use any charge of racism and xenophobia to distract from the fact that the establishment parties are failing to address the wishes of the English people.

The last issue was Fanage claiming that he wouldn't want a Romanian as a neighbor. I assume he meant Roma, who are apparently universally disliked in Europe, but he hasn't "corrected" his statement to that effect and so I won't put words in his mouth. However the point was that due to that statement he was called racist.

Now apparently this is a typical Romanian

This guy is white. So tell me, how is Farange being racist against this fellow? Farange is white. This fellow is white. It cannot be racism unless, by definition Farange is using a philosophy or ideology based on race to discuss both himself and this Romanian.

It may be ethnocentrism, but then again, I believe that folks in their own country have a right to be ethnocentric about their own country. Some people have a problem with that. That's their right. I certainly think a level of ethnocentrism in the United States would be problematic given the varied cultures that constitute it. But the natives of a land such as England? Not so much. If I don't like the ethnocentrism of England I am, of course, free to leave and return to my home country, or some other country who's ethnocentrism is of the type I find more accommodating.

In any case, the "racism' row over the Romanian comment only showed me how desperate the establishment is. If the reports that the latest charge has only served to solidify the support of UKIP, then that is even more damning for the establishment. *image from Guardian UK