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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Immigration Reform: What's Not Being Discussed

In the past I've discussed the very real impact of illegal immigration (AP be damned) on wages for "born" Americans and particularly African-Americans. Over at there is a very detailed report on what has going on with employment:
There were 9,956,000 unemployed native-born Americans in March. If March’s job growth rate persists—and if the native-born were miraculously to get all the new positions—it will take 59 months, nearly five years, for the native-born unemployment rate to reach the 4% level considered “full employment” by most economists.
Remember that this report is not discussing the unemployment rate of African-Americans which is far higher than the nation's average (or overall) unemployment rate.
And that would indeed be a miracle. Because about 90,000 legal immigrants arrive every month. That means that essentially all the jobs created last month would be needed just to absorb new legal entrants...

March 2013 was a disaster for native-born Americans and immigrants alike. The Household Employment Survey, which records the ethnicity and nativity of respondents, found across-the-board job declines.

In March:

Total employment fell by 206,000, or by -0.14%
Native-born employment fell by 130,000, or by -0.11%
Foreign-born employment fell by 76,000, or by -0.33%
There's more in the report so you should read it in it's entirety. The point here being that if there is no discussion on how the US fulfills it's obligations to it's citizens first then there is a problem with the discussion period.