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Friday, April 19, 2013

Gun Legislation Follow Up

One of my points yesterday was that the the actual bill in question was too broad and wasn't actually about so called background checks, has been confirmed:
The base bill on the Senate floor used model language from Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York. Besides gun sales, it also applied to temporary and innocent transfers — like letting your spouse borrow your gun for a few hours to take it to the target range. The expansive language would have felonized almost every American gun owner — and that’s not a concept that has 90 percent support...
I also mentioned the backroom, anti-democratic means that NY State drafted it's legislation:
The Manchin-Toomey substitute avoided the temporary transfer problem. But it was hastily drafted in secret, and seriously miswritten. For example, the language, which claimed to outlaw federal gun registration, would actually have legalized one form of registration that is currently banned: building a registry from the sales records that firearms dealers are required to send to the government when they retire from business.
So all these folks flapping their gums about what the Senate did and did not do should have a seat.