Days Black People Not Re-Enslaved By Trump

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Today in "Spot The Negro"

Reflecting on my post last week where I highlighted the quote:
If you have no women working for you, you might find it hard to get women to work for you: Does a female engineer really want to go work for a company where she's the only woman in the office?
I pointed out what a double standard that was as it regards race; That is, such an argument wouldn't be presented much less accepted in MSM.

I also have pointed out how many tech companies that are going on about what they need to do to attract women may as well have "No Negro" signs on their management office (or even in general).

Yesterday browsing Flipboard I came across a post in Gamespot about game developer Firaxis. What they do is not important. However the picture of what I assume to be the staff at Firaxis is telling:

Now please follow me with today's "Spot the Negro". I spot 1 definite (extreme left) and one possible (extreme right).

Now count the women:5. None Black.

I suppose Firaxis has a problem hiring blacks because well, they don't have blacks working for them.