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Monday, February 11, 2013

Why Extreme Islamists are Intent on Destroying Cultural Artifacts

"It’s very sad. You lose all that cultural heritage, music, history, art, ancient books. If they (Islamists) don’t agree with what’s in them … they seem to think it’s OK to burn these books," he said. "If you’re not Muslim or don’t subscribe to the same narrow interpretation the militants do, they will oppose everything you do and do so violently if they need to."
Exactly as previous waves of religious ideologues in Africa did. Christans did no different when they wished to show how impotent the fetishes of the African were.
Hasan said there were a number of stories explaining how the Sphinx lost its nose, but one account suggests that a religious figure in the 14th century, Saim El-Dahr, tried to get rid of it. “There was a common belief that the Sphinx had some power over the level of the River Nile … he wanted to smash the locals’ superstitious belief in the power of the Sphinx and tried to destroy it,” he said.
Interesting claim here. I was introduced to the idea of the Sphinx's nose being blown off by Europeans by members of the Nation of Islam. It would be quite interesting if the above is the true reason.