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Monday, February 11, 2013

LAPD Chickens Come Home to Roost

Ruth Folwer writes a pretty powerful piece in regards to Chris Dorner. I won't quote most of it, because if I did I would be quoting most of it. However there is one part that I must disagree with:
The point I’m trying to make is that there is no doubt that Christopher Dorner is not a sane man,
I don't think Chris Dorner is insane at all. I do not consider being angry as being insane. I think Chris Dorner is angry and I understand that anger. Anyone who has a slightest bit of warrior in them and a sense of justice would and should understand.

A long time ago there was a track released by KRS-O.N.E that said:

Bo, bo, bo
kah, kahkah,kahhh,
It's the only way to deal with racism if you're black.
Chris isn't by far the only black man in America who has given thought to poppin' off a few people who have assaulted them with rank racism. TRUST me on this one.

Too many black men with such feelings have settled to kill other black men, the only people they can generally kill and get away with.

Too many black men with such feelings have settled for beating and killing the black women who attempt to love them.

Some of us get our anger out by working out.

Some of us submerge a whole lot of rage and develop all kinds of diseases such as hypertension and which leads to high mortality from stress related diseases.

Some of us drink, drug and check out on society.

Some sell out.

Some actually target the causes of their rage. That's not insane.

You don't have to agree with what Chris Dorner is doing at all but lets not act like he is "insane".

The problem here is that persons and systems are not being held accountable. What happened to the officers that were calling citizens "niggers" while on patrol (or whatever) in Chris' presence? Were they dealt with? Why not?

THAT is insane.

It is insane for an organizations to have police officers who call the people they are there to protect and serve, racial epithets. Why do the targets simply "have to take it"?

This assumption that black folks, as usual, have to sit down and be silent in the face of continuous racist attack, is some Uncle Tom's cabin bullshit. Chris is clearly done with that. How many other's are creeping up on that line?

Ultimately that the LAPD is scared enough to shoot 2 women in the back, is why the LAPD and other PD's would love to have the citizenship disarmed (like they did after the Panthers picked up their guns). Imagine for a minute if black LA had the ability to exact revenge (which IMO was why those two women were shot at) when LAPD went around kicking people while handcuffed?