Days Black People Not Re-Enslaved By Trump

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lyrics to "Whip It Like a Slave"

See i wake up in the mornin take a shit shower shave stand
over the stove and whip it like a slave

Okay new day new yay bet i whip it like kutac kentay im
talkin sugar talkin dough like a benyay i take a brick karate
chop it like a sensai i does it the YM way a bunch of drugs
bunch of money bunch of templates bunch of ice bunch of guns bunch of switchblades fuck with my bunch of bunch of
niggas up in his face
check my pockets more money then lint check my kitchen
every spoon in there bent check my dishes residue like a
bitch big boy weight my residue like half a brick


I;m talkin 36 ounces buildin snow mountains more bricks than 24 houses


Well I've lived long enough to see Hip Hop go from 'My Philosophy", "You Must Learn" and "T'cha T'cha" to "Whip it like a slave." clearly showing that there's a Market 4 Niggas