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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Impeachment Is Off the Table, What Is On the Table?


I just watched Nancy Pelosi, who refused to give Cynthia McKinney back her seniority, say that impeachment is off the table. This in stark contrast to the slim majority of US citizens. That statement should let the American people know that their concerns are not going to be taken seriously. Not only that, it shows that this 'new" Democratic party is not interested in rule of law. The violation of the oath of office and an admitted breaking of federal law is a high crime. What kind of opposition allows such a thing to happen? Ahh Nancy Pelosi made it clear, this is not going to be an opposition. All she said was how they have some Civility pact and such. It would appear that Pelosi has been made Queen Bee and is dictating what Democrats can and cannot do. I have no doubt that Rep. John Conyers, looking to get his chairmanship will be silent on this particular subject which he previously had been relatively supportive of.

Edit 11-13-2006: I re-watched Nancy Pelosi's speech and I was struck by this statement:

So while some people are excited about prospects that they have in terms of their priorities they are not our priorities

Umm how soon chick done forgot that she has her job because "some people" voted her into it and her job is to do what "some people" she supposedly represents, ask her to do. Now perhaps the "some people" of California don't want an impeachment, but "some people" in my neck of the woods are all for it. I would hope that the newly elected Democrats see the completely "undemocratic" message that Ms. Pelosi has made and that they recognize that the VAST majority of people, some registered Republicans included, want Bush and Cheney impeached AND for Rumsfeld and Rice brought up on criminal charges.

[End edit]

This election, in my opinion was a win for Republicans. Yes, they technically lost all these seats, and yes jokers like Rick "mon-dog love" Santorum have been sent home, and yes, those black Republicans were put back under the respective rocks they have been living under, but in order to get this win. the Democrats have been pulled to the right yet again. Already Nancy Pelosi is sounding like a Republican as she talks about "troop redeployment outside of Iraq" when all sane observers of the situation understand that there is no military solution to the current crisis in Iraq. All sane observers understand that the US presence in Iraq feeds terrorists and that the inevitable withdrawal of American troops will also feed terrorists. The difference with the last item is that with US Troops out, the US is no longer diverting money to Iraq and defense contractors and can be put to more important domestic issues.

Now we know that the Congress cannot make THE decision on the Iraq war but if they are serious about ending US involvement in the civil war in Iraq then they should refuse to approve any more funding for it. That is going to be a tough move but it's the only way to put an immediate end to the war. Of course they will be painted as sacrificing the troops. etc. I'd also like to see what happens with Iran and how they deal with Venezuela (I'm not hopeful on the latter point). I can dream and wish that ending the Cuban embargo is also on the table but we know that is not what's going to happen.

On immigration, I'd like to see if strong laws against corporations using illegal immigrants for labor. Forget fences, and criminalizing those who give out humanitarian aid to people in the desert. They should also work with the leader of Mexico to get their economy in order in order to stem the incentives for people to leave that country. It does Mexico little good to have it's people leaving It is a long term disaster waiting to happen.

Hopefully we'll see what is on that table. I hope some Democrats with balls (or ovaries) brings up impeachment. It needs to happen and should be framed as a law enforcement issue.

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