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Monday, November 27, 2006

A Crime In Jamaica Queens

So the "undercover" police in New York City have yet again shot up a black man (men). I've been waiting to post on this because I wanted to see what information would come out about this shooting and indeed I am glad I waited. Unlike the Diallo shooting of 1999, the cops in this case ought to be tried for not only for murder but for reckless endangerment.

Let us for a minute leave out the men in the automobile. NY rules in regards to shooting at a vehicle is as follows:

officers can fire only when they or another person is threatened by deadly physical force, but not if that physical force comes from a moving vehicle alone.

So at this point since all evidence shows that even if any occupant in the vehicle had a gun, unless the officer was fired upon they, under regulations cannot shoot at the vehicle. Thus this was, by the cops own words, an unjustified shooting. What were the cops words:

The undercover officer fired the first of 11 shots, yelling, “He’s got a gun! He’s got a gun!”

Notice the cop said "he's got a gun" (leaving aside the fact that no gun was even present). He didn't say anything about being shot at Which would be the only way, under police regulations for the officers to "return" fire.

But what makes this situation even more egregious is the fact that at least two of the bullets fired that morning went into a home, which potentially could have killed a or the resident. Also another shot went into the AirTran station that resulted in two Port Authority police to be cut by flying glass. That shot could have easily killed either one of them. Therefore; not only was the shooting unjustified and in violation of NYPD regulations it was reckless and could have resulted in at least two other deaths of innocent parties. So what was it about the mentality of the police in that location that made them completely disregard the lives of the innocent people in the area?

But getting back to the primary motivation for the shooting the story doesn't make sense we are told:

The undercover detective who fired first had been monitoring the group in the club. Once outside, the detective heard Mr. Guzman say “Yo, get my gun, get my gun,” and head with the others to his car, according to police. The undercover officer followed the group on foot, then positioned himself in front of their car.

According to the person briefed on the accounts, the detective, his police badge around his neck, then pulled out his gun, identified himself as a police officer and ordered the occupants to show their hands. They did not comply, the person said, but instead gunned the car forward, hitting the undercover officer and, seconds later, an unmarked police minivan. The undercover officer fired the first of 11 shots, yelling, “He’s got a gun! He’s got a gun!”

Which has been expanded upon with:

An undercover officer posted inside the Club Kalua, a site of frequent drug, weapon and prostitution complaints in Jamaica, overheard an exchange between a stripper and a man that led the officer to suspect the man was armed, Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly said on Saturday. The undercover officer alerted the officers acting as backup outside — there were seven officers in all — about 4 a.m., setting into motion the events to follow later.

Eight men left the club and argued briefly with another man, with one from the group saying, “Yo, get my gun,” Mr. Kelly said.

The eight men apparently split into two groups of four, with one group piling into a Nissan Altima driven by Mr. Bell, Commissioner Kelly said. As an undercover detective who had been following the group on foot approached the vehicle, Mr. Bell drove into him, striking his leg, before plowing into a minivan carrying two backup officers, the commissioner said...

Mr. Kelly said it was unclear whether there was a fourth man in the car and what became of him.

I'm going to forgo commentary on the wisdom of going somewhere where there are drugs and weapons around. However; I am going to assume that the man who got into the verbal altercation at the club knew of the atmosphere there and claimed to have a gun in order to bluff his way out of the situation. The problem here is two fold:

1) The officer assumed that the "suspect" was in fact telling the truth about the alleged gun. This would explain why he claimed "he has a gun" while letting go of 11 rounds.

2) The persons in the car did not believe that the plainclothes officer was in fact a cop (or thought he was on the take). I know that when I was harassed by plainclothes NYPD they did not show their badges so I think that the officer may be lying about the presenting the badge. If the officer involved did show his badge then I will lean towards the shooting victims having a case of "suicide by cop" as it is simply a bad idea to attempt to ram into a cop. Bad idea.

That said, even IF the cop had ID'd himself, by regulation he still cannot shoot at a moving vehicle AND it is reckless to let off 50 shots in a manner that endangers the public. SO in this case, the cops lose regardless.

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Anonymous said...

Lets engage in some real talk people. If you are not from the streets then you are at a major disadvantage in understanding what could possibly lead up to any shooting -period. Saying "Stop the Violence" doesn't mean its ever going to stop. Before the execution of Jesus people were getting killed and it has never stopped, no matter how much anyone screams and prays....but lets talk real. If you are really about it.

This isn't about this one night, let us backtrack a moment to get a proper perspective. And unless you understand the law of the streets; which always is about personal responsibility and choices; not excuses; you may not get this.

The groom Sean Bell graduated in 2001 from John Adams HS. He was a PSAL standout as a baseball pitcher. After HS all outstanding baseball players become eligable for the draft. Minimum salary to sign with a team? $30,000 per year with a signing bonus. Some people pass on that and opt to go to a 4 year college to play ball so they can get a higher pick and more $$.
Sean Bell's family is saying that he didn't go to the majors so he could take care of his family -but- there is a major flaw in that story....He graduated in June (or August) of 2001; his oldest child is only 3 years old and it is November 2006. He didn't have any children in 2001 or in 2002; why didn't he go to the majors and take the salary? Hmmmm. Reminds me of another NY street sports legend who passed up a career in the NBA back in the 70's...he had his reasons too; and they involved a different source of capital. If you don't know his name then you don't know the game.

It is said that Sean Bell asked his girlfriend to get married less than 2 weeks ago; but their reception and Wedding was scheduled for Saturday and they were expecting btwn 160 and 250 people. Wedding receptions cost maybe $75, $100 a head. Thats alot of bread to drop just like that; feel me? thats almost$18,000. Sean Bell was a milk delivery man who was not employed consistantly. I don't know about you but how does one support 2 kids, have a late model Nissan Altima and can drop $18 G's just like that? Plus he was going to move to ATL, that costs dough too.

Southeast Queens is one of the most drug infested murderous spots in the city. Fat Cat, Pappy Mason, The Supreme Team and we can go on and on of all the street legends that came from the Jamaica Queens area. The drugs don't stop down there and Sean Bell had some really nice gear and a sharp haircut with 2 diamond studs. The milk delivery business must have been paying REALLY well homie.

Now, Sean Bell is from Rockaway Queens and everyone knows that niggas from Rockaway and niggas from Jamaica don't get along. The dude Guzman was from Ocean Village and if you know anythng about Rovkaway then you know how niggas from Ocean Village get down. I'm not suprised that he did 2 bids for robbery and sale of controlled substances. Sean Bell got bagged 3 times in four years for drug possession; in all his pictures he is dressed too fly to be a user. The nigga was a drug dealer, someone posioning our black community. Just like the rest of his crew. Thats why the came 20 deep to Jamaica in the first place. The spot they were at was just that; a spot. Hoes and dope sales. You bring on to yourself what energy you put out there.

Lets keep it real. Rev. Al is gonna get burned on this one. These niggas were at a spot in Jamiaca partying with Whores and probably got into beef with another crew. Or it could have been a long standing beef. Jamaica Queens has been in the middle of a war for a while now. But if you are not from the streets you wouldn't know that. Just look up the murder statistics if you don't have your ear to the streets or know the players and the lifestyle. Sean Bell said NY was "too violent" but crime is way down from the 80's I grew up unless you are in the game its not that hazzardous. Maybe thats why he wanted to get out of NY and get married quick; because cats were after Sean Bell for something he did. 2 members of his crew have robbery charges and they're are so many spots in Jamaica and the rest of southeast queens you can definetly make some extra cash sticking up some other peoples dope spot. The cops got to him first ironically, but he would have caught it anyway yall.

Lets keep it real. We all understand the consequences of the streetlife. Jail or dead in a casket thats it. If he wasn't in the street life he would have never been 20 heads deep dropping cash on some dirty hoes in a grimy spot in Jamaica. There are plenty of nice places and ways to have a bachlor party, not with 20 affiliates in somebody's Brothel/Dope spot. Lets not make excuses for dudes because they share our complexion. This is not Amadou Diallo. These niggas would have caught it anyway for killing other black people with drugs and guns. What goes around comes around.

-and my grandmother was in the UNIA; so I'm not some dumb nigga talking shit. This is real talk. Like OJ's wife getting killed over too much cocaine credit yall.

Lets start being responsible for what we do. If Mr. Bell would have not been in the drug game, this would never have happend. No excuses -period.

david said...

I'm glad I read your blog. You are one of a kind. Contact me at DOGSPOT. Use the "Feedback" link.

Department of Corrections said...

The above post reminds me so much of the COINTELPRO operations used to discredit black activists and their supporters. Using slang to give the image of street cred, the post is probably put out there to take attention away from the real criminals, Ray Kelly and the NYPD who brutally MURDERED AN AFRICAN in cold blood.
Anonymous' post is straight bullshit and conjecture, pure and simple. No facts, just slander and an attempt by forces to discredit the Bell family and their supporters. Sean was killed due to police brutality zealously, as usually in relationship to the Black community.
Please take careful note of the tradtion of goverment informants using black slang to discredit and misinform people in general and black people in particular.
Power to the People!

david said...

I regret I took a quote from the comment instead of from the original post for the story you see linked here.

I'm making changes in the story of mine that I see linked here.

When were those cops last tested for drugs? Why were they not drug tested that night? Did anyone read about reactions of the cop who was the second to start shooting when he was questioned afterwards? The Village Voice story raised serious questions about the mental state of the cop who fired 2nd, for a total of 31 rounds.

I can't change the copy online at Indybay - but when I re-write the copy on my site, I'll contact an editor there to set things straight.

The shooters have had every opportunity to cover their tracks:
the press ought to have to decency to ignore the "unofficial leaks" that have been released as the coverup takes hold.

Mike C said...

So he was probably a drug dealer. He still got shot to many times for seemingly no good reason.

Ending the war on drugs will only hurt big corporate scum, corrupt politicians and profiteering drug gangs.

Brian said...
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