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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Hypocracy of the Israelis

Today after a massive build up, the Israelis have started their own little "Desert Storm" operation in the Gaza Strip. Let us be very clear here that this is in fact a war. The Israelis have bombed three bridges and have outed electricity and possibly water in the Gaza Strip. All of this because a group supposedly affiliated with Hamas "kidnapped" an Israeli soldier. In what alternate universe is the leadership in Israel in that it thinks that going to [official] war with the Palestinians will actually result in the release of the soldier? If I were one of the people that kidnapped the soldier, I would have killed him already. Since I think that the Israeli leadership knows quite well that this is a likely scenario why are they waging war and foolishly buzzing over the president of Syria's home?

This is nothing but a cover for what the Israelis have wanted to do since Hamas was brought to power. All efforts to provoke Hamas has been made from the witholding of monies (which is an entirely OTHER issue altogether) to the bombing of the palestinian beach (regardless of what the Israeli military says). Israel is using it's clear military superiority (thanks to the US) to provoke an all out war with Hamas which Hamas cannot win militarily.

What is worse is that had this been in reverse, the Palestinians taking military revenge on Israelis for a captured or killed Palestinian soldier, there would be all kinds of charges of terrorism. If that is the case then where is the cry of terrorism here? It is not to be found in the Times, LA Times, CNN or other news outlets because apparently only Arab states (and a few Asian ones) are capable of "state sponsored terrorism".

So when next we have a threat against the US, don't act all surprised.

[edit 10:24 P.M.]

I have just read on the BBC website that Israel is holding members of the Palestinian government. 4 cabinet members and a deputy Prime Minister. Also the Mayor of Qalqiliya (a Hamas party member) has been "detained".

There is simply no excuse for the inaction of the UN. Can you imagine members of Hamas or Korea kidnapping, oh sorry, detaining members of another government and NOT having to deal with immediate Security Council action?

Israel has warned of serious military action should the kidnapped soldier not be returned. Exactly how serious are they talking? And given the number of Palestinians killed by Israel how can the media claim this to be anything other than state terrorism as it would if the tables were reversed?

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