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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Bad Talking Black Power

Black America Web has an article that highlights the recent mangling of Black Power ideology by George Will with the aid of Shelby Steele. George Will's article can be found here As pointed out by Gregory Kane Mr. Will bases is comments on Black Power not on the seminal work by Kwame Toure. Nor does Mr. Will look at the writings of Marcus or Amy Garvey. Instead he bases his point on a recent book by Shelby Steele entitled "White Guilt". Mr. Will focuses in on this particular passage:

“By the mid-60s, white guilt was eliciting an entirely new kind of black leadership, not selfless men like King who appealed to the nation’s moral character but smaller men, bargainers, bluffers and haranguers -- not moralists but specialists in moral indignation -- who could set up a trade in white guilt.”

What exactly does the above have to do with "Black Power"? I mean, in the very definitive sense of the word power, Black Power would have to be an idea that promotes the ability to determine outcome for Black people or Black peoples ability to determine the outcome or in Kwanzaa Kujichagulia. Given this, the above quotation cannot even be referring to Black Power or those who advocate black power. Since the above quotation cannot be about black power or it's advocates then who exactly does this quote refer to?

If we look further into Will's reading of Steele we find this:

The big invention by these small men was what Steele calls "globalized racism." That idea presumes that "racism is not so much an event in black lives as a condition of black life," a product of "impersonal" and "structural" forces. The very invisibility of those forces proved their sinister pervasiveness.

Say what? Where does Steele pull this definition from? That is how did the phenomenon of "globalized racism" better referred to as The White Supremacy System and Culture become defined as "a condition of black life? Those who study white supremacy understand it to be a system and culture that generally describes the actions and thoughts of white people vis-a-vis non-white people. it is these actions and thoughts that whites ought to feel shame and guilt. That persons such as George Will, fail to recognize this is an inherent part of the "globalized" racial system. We also ought to remind Mr. Will that it was the English with their visions of global conquest that pronounced to the world the ideology of worldwide white domination as "The White Man's Burden". Clearly then, if George Will has an issue with "Global racism" as an ideology he ought to go back and question the British on the matter and no so-called "small men", "bluffers", and "haranguers".

Indeed our critical examination of Dr. Welsing's important book, demonstrates that as exists in the laws of physics, there are effects to the cause of global racism. Through Dr. Welsing's Etiology we find the numerous ways that many black people act in self destructive ways in reaction to the White Supremacy System. In fact, had George Will done any sort of research rather than picking at the brown nose near his anus, he would find that black power advocates, who existed before the 60's and 70's, have always had a critical word for those blacks who act in ways contrary to their best interests irrespective of Global White Supremacy.

Hence when Mr. Will writes:

The theory makes the absence of identifiable adverse events in the lives of individual blacks irrelevant to blacks' claims to victimhood.

We know he is full of feces. Of course the feces with which he is full of has a name in Shelby Steele who writes:

Black students who have never suffered discrimination can, Steele says, enjoy affirmative action "with a new sense of entitlement." As a result, Steele says, "We blacks always experience white guilt as an incentive, almost a command, to somehow exhibit racial woundedness and animus." The result for blacks is "a political identity with no real purpose beyond the manipulation of white guilt."

Interestingly, for him black as an identity is merely a political tool, never mind the very real general cultural differences between whites, blacks, Asians, etc. Secondly, where does Steele get the fact that students have never suffered discrimination? What study did he conduct to determine this? OF course he has none other than anecdotal evidence, but his real bugaboo is Affirmative Action. I have my issues with the program as it is implementedbut understand that since AA was meant to reverse long standing effects of past discrimination, even if not a single student ever was discriminated against in his or her lifetime, the program would still be justifiable. It is only blacks with severe inferiority complexes who have problems with AA. They spend all their time trashing AA while not addressing the other means that white students get into universities and jobs. It is the pernicious racism of white persons that assumes that Affirmative Action is a sign of "less able" rather than "remedy". I simply refuse to engage in the therapy of white persons afflicted with this ailment. it is too bad that such persons have dingleberries at the ready for picking.

Mr. Will continues in Steele blackface:

Black "militants" are actually preaching militant dependency. They have defined justice as making whites feel so guilty that they will take responsibility for black advancement. One casualty of this, Steele says, has been education: "We got remedies pitched at injustices rather than at black academic excellence—school busing, black role models as teachers, black history courses, 'diverse' reading lists, 'Ebonics,' multiculturalism, culturally 'inclusive' classes, standardized tests corrected for racial bias, and so on." Reading, writing and arithmetic? Later. Maybe.

Really? I will place a bet that neither Will or Steele know any actual "black militants". By "black militant" I'm not talking about the loud mouth on the Mic at a poetry slam. Granted there are persons ad groups who's entire program is based on the hoped eventual mass benevolence of white people and the corporate power structure. Unfortunately for Mr. Will and Steele, they are not "Black Power" organizations. Those organizations are what are referred to in true "Black Power" circles as Integrationist. True Black Power advocates have independent schools; they have philanthropic organizations and Businesses.

Real, actual-factual, Black Power advocates had no hand in bussing. Black Power advocates did not create the corporate friendly "multiculturalism" either. Of course Both Will and Steele have no respect for and therefore see no point to black history or corrections to tests. Also Garveyites are against such things as "Ebonics" as a teaching tool. Garveyites teach the importance of mastery of the language of the country in which one resides (even if we fall short..ha!). Therefore Mr. Will and Mr. Steele are wrong in saddling Black Power advocates with these things.

I could go on picking Mr Steele and Mr. Wills weak argument but it would be a waste of my time. Anyone who reads Mr. Will's article and takes it as truth, doesn't know anything about Black Power advocates or ideology. It's just the blind leading the blind.

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Anonymous said...

Shelby's parading of "white guilt" is only exceeded by his secret hatred of his black ancestry. Where is all this white guilt anyway? I see lots of white anger.