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Monday, October 15, 2018

New Adventures in One Drop Rule Land

From the NY Daily News:
Sen. Elizabeth Warren – ridiculed by President Trump with the nickname “Pocahontas” – released a DNA test Monday showing “strong evidence” of Native American heritage dating back six to 10 generations.
"Six to 10 " eh? So what does that come out to?
The largest segment involving Native American ancestry was located on chromosome 10 and is “clearly distinct” from Warren’s European ancestry...

The segment size suggests “an unadmixed Native American ancestor in the pedigree at approximately 8 generations before the sample, although the actual number could be somewhat lower or higher,” Bustamante wrote.

So let's see. 8 generations:

1) Mom= 1/2
2) Grandmom: 1/4
3) Great-grandmom: 1/8
4) Great-Great-Grandmom: 1/16
4) 2nd great-grandparents: 1/32
5) 3rd great-grandparents: 1/64
6) 4th great-grandparents:1/128
7) 5th great-grandparents:1/256

So at a minimum, we're talking 1/256 part Native American.

Going to the 9th place or 7th great-grandparent we are at 1/1024th Native American.

If we're going to call someone "Native American" because they have 1/1024th Native American genes, then I suggest that all white people take gene tests and if anything comes back as non-white, they start asking for reparations, Affirmative Action quotas, small business loans and apply for whatever scholarship they now "qualify" for.

I'm pretty certain that the first white person not named Rachel, who attempts to claim "black" due to 1/1024th black ancestry will be laughed out of court.