Days Black People Not Re-Enslaved By Trump

Monday, September 17, 2018

Dear Black Folks: This Is Hileah

[Be warned: Salty language ahead] When I heard about the incident at the Taco Bell in Hileah Florida, I assumed that the customers were white. It was later that I discovered they were black. I'm glad it was the case. I'm not saying that white people should be discriminated against but generally speaking, it is white people who are fucking up the country by making government decisions based on feelings of white guilt and a determination to not be labeled racist, even if that means..fucking up the country.

Black people, on the other hand, specifically Black Americans of slave-era stock have been on some revenge fantasies in which they take up whatever positions they think fuck with of fuck up white people. Not thinking long term, these decisions have been leading to all kinds of bad things. One, in particular, is the displacement of blacks by Hispanics in many neighborhoods. Also, the displacement of blacks in low skill/low wage jobs by Hispanics. Whole neighborhoods have been cleansed of blacks. There are many reports of people, Americans, who cannot get jobs because they do not speak Spanish. In fucking America.

But you know what? I'm not sorry for these folks anymore. Not one bit. Vote Democrat, year after year. Decade after decade. And what did they get? The first black president who was so unconcerned with the plight of black folks that he allowed a company in his own home state, his own home TOWN, to hire illegal workers for his entire two terms. And in the first term of Trump's presidency, the illegal workers were largely gone with black people getting the jobs. And still. And STILL I gotta listen to folks tell me how Trump is a danger to black folks. It what world?

You wanna see the threat to black folks? Welcome to Hileah!:

About 89 percent of its residents speak Spanish as their first or second language and more than 94 percent consider themselves Hispanic or Latino, according to the 2010 census.
See there was a time when black folks couldn't expect to be served in parts of the country. Welcome back to THAT SHIT. And you keep voting for the people who let this happen. And understand, this is not the only place in the country where no English is becoming normal. We have places where government business is done in languages other than English even though English proficiency is a requirement of citizenship. We have many cases of people running for office who say one thing to the English speakers and an entirely different thing to whatever language "constituency" they are seeking votes from. They are usually secure in the fact that the English speakers will never know what was said and that their fellow "linguist" will not "betray" them by pointing out the message.

So nope. Not even sorry for these folks (and others) who continue to vote for people who are fucking up the country and then get bit by the same policies. And that worker who was fired? Likely to be back once the media attention is gone (or will be hired elsewhere) because these folks aren't stupid, they support their own.