Days Black People Not Re-Enslaved By Trump

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Reported? Confirmed?

LA Times doing it's SJW thing. Headline:
L.A. County hate crimes linked to white supremacists jumped 67% in 2016, study finds
Really? Well what else?
Hate crimes committed by white supremacists increased 67% in Los Angeles County last year, according to a study released Thursday.

There were 105 such crimes reported, compared with 63 in 2015.

Reported? Well that's nice. Given the amount of hoaxes out there how many of these "hate crimes" were confirmed to have been committed by actual, in the flesh "white supremacists"?
The study, which has been conducted annually since 1980 by the county's Commission on Human Relations, found that white supremacist ideology constituted 22% of all hate crimes in 2016.
Aside from the above mentioned "reported", 22% is a far lower number than 67%.
Most of the white supremacist hate crimes — at least 70% — were acts of vandalism, followed by disorderly conduct, which includes swastikas drawn on private property.
Again, how many of these incidents were actually confirmed?
"The fact that white supremacist crimes grew 67% is alarming, particularly in the aftermath of the 'Unite the Right' rally in Charlottesville, [Va.]. It seems that organized hate groups everywhere are feeling emboldened and increasingly visible," Commission President Isabelle Gunning said in a statement.
I'm alarmed that no one at this so called prestigious paper is bothered by "reported".

Where's the link to said report? Oh you thought the LA Times would provide you with primary sources? Shame on you. Here you go: Tidbit:

Racial hate crimes declined 2% and comprised 46% of all hate crimes reported in 2016. Anti-black crimes declined 19%, but still made up nearly half of all racially motivated hate crimes.
Hate crimes in which Latino/as targeted black persons plunged 41%, and only a third were committed by gang members compared to nearly half the previous year.
And a nice chart:

In which we find hate crimes against whites up 145%. Not worth reporting of course. If you recall my post on the blatant hate crimes committed by Mexicans in order to keep non-hispanics out of "their neighborhoods" you'll know that so called "hate crimes" against whites are vastly under-reported or reclassified to make sure that the numbers stay low so that certain groups can claim victim status.

Oh and while "hate crimes" against Muslims are down 17%, "hate crimes" against Christians are up 100%. Nothing to see here. Move along.

Another nice chart:

Seems whites are violently victimized more than blacks in LA. And lets not forget, as posted earlier, that "hate crimes" against blacks are not limited to whites as perpetrators. In fact I'd hazard to guess that MOST of those cases are NOT by whites.

That "Other" Category is pretty large, no? And I think "gangs" is a cop-out cover up for La-Raza and so called "Black Power" activities.

There was evidence of white supremacist beliefs in 56% of all religiously motivated crimes and 17% of racially motivated crimes.
It's almost like the people who wrote this thing do not think that anybody other than whites can have racial hate. It's like other humans are not quite as human as whites. Isn't that, umm... racist?
In 2016, 52% of anti-black crimes were committed by Latino/as (compared to 59% the previous year). Latino/a on black crimes plunged from 64 to 38, a 41% drop.

Fifty-nine percent of the anti-Latino/a crimes were committed by African Americans, up from 52% the previous year. The number of these crimes grew slightly from 24 to 27.

Oh wait. Here it is. So remember when they said that anti-black crime was nearly half of race based hate crimes? Right. So now we find that half of that number was due to Latinos.


And it was 60% last year.


In terms of gang involvement, of the 38 Latino/a-on-black hate crimes, 13 were committed by gang members (34%, down from 47% in 2015).
Wait. is this in addition to the 52% because if it IZZZZZZZ...then these "white supremacists" are really not the proximate threat they are being made out to be. And perhaps we should be directing our attention to La-Raza instead.

Methinks these youth are raising their fists for 'human relations" that are not what we are being led to believe.

Because everything is Trump's fault.