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Friday, October 06, 2017

More Data On The "Non-Existent" Races

Via Gizmodo originally from ScienceMag and the source paper:
Ever since researchers sequenced the first full genome of Neandertals in 2010, they have known that the ancestors of European Neandertals interbred with modern humans. By comparing the Neandertal genome with that of modern humans, they found a curious pattern: Present-day Europeans and Asians have inherited about 1% to 3% of their DNA from Neandertals, but Africans have not.
So Europeans are genetically a different type of human than the African.
All of this suggests that modern humans mixed with archaic humans at least three times after they migrated out of Africa. But that’s just a fraction of the intermingling that must have taken place. Neandertals also interbred with Denisovans. And the new study confirms that the Denisovans themselves did indeed interbred with a “superarchaic” hominin, possibly H. erectus, whom they encountered as early as 400,000 years ago. There are also hints that Denisovans interbred with modern humans in Asia more than once, based on different patterns in the distribution of Denisovan DNA in some Chinese and Melanesians. “One would think that mixing has occurred multiple times for a long time,” Castellano says.
Modern humans [in Europe] absorbed genes from archaic humans in Europe and Asia at least three times since moving out of Africa. So again, the African and the European (and Asian) are a different kind of human.
Europeans who still have genes from Neandertals that are shaping their health today. The inbred Altai Neandertal also got modern human DNA that may have been involved in speech, the immune system, and the production of sperm, Castellano says. And that fits with the theory that interbreeding was an important and rapid source of genetic diversity that could have been crucial for adapting to new terrain as modern humans spread into foreign lands.
Europeans got genes from archaic humans that did what? Impact speech? Isn't speech dependent upon brain development? Why yes, yes it is. So here we have a scholarly paper stating outright that the genes inherited by Europeans via their mixing with archaic humans changed their brain development. Not only that but these genes affected the immune system (which we would expect) meaning that there is a general difference between disease susceptibility between Africans and Europeans that is genetic in origins.
Many Neandertal variants associated with phenotypes and susceptibility to diseases have been identified in present-day non-Africans (6, 7, 10–12). The fact that the Vindija Neandertal genome is more closely related to the introgressing Neandertals allows ~15% more such variants to be identified (20). Among these are variants associated with plasma levels of LDL cholesterol (rs10490626) and vitamin D (rs6730714), eating disorders (rs74566133), visceral fat accumulation (rs2059397), rheumatoid arthritis (45475795), schizophrenia (rs16977195) and the response to antipsychotic drugs (rs1459148). This adds to mounting evidence that Neandertal ancestry influences disease risk in present-day humans, particularly with respect to neurological, psychiatric, immunological, and dermatological phenotypes (7).
But remember, there are no races. Race is [only] a social construct and all differences in humans are due to white supremacist oppression.