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Saturday, August 05, 2017

Caved To The Homosexuals and Got Trannies

So there's this article over at Takmag that I am almost in full agreement with: Resisting the Tranny State
And that, right there, is why trannies annoy the hell out of me. A tranny is someone who claims, “I was ‘assigned’ the wrong gender at birth, and I need to be the real me.” Okay, fine. Go be whatever the hell you want to be! Go be a chick with a dick, or a man with a cooter. It’s absolutely none of my business how any adult decides to express him/her/itself sexually. But the thing is, these days trannies are not content to just go be trannies; they insist that we become accomplices to their fantasy.
And this is where the author and myself (and persons like Jordan Peterson) agree. See I don't much care for trannies. But I don't spend my time wondering what they do in their personal lives. They do them, I do me and I'm good. But of late they have managed, by dint of guilt ridden white people who afraid of anyone calling them anything that ends in "ist" or "phobe", to get the state in on forcing themselves on the rest of us. We all know that trannies are sick in the head. It's called gender dysphoria. No sane medical professional would listen to someone explain how they are actually a female and then proceed to chop off whatever primary and secondary sex organs the person has and then give them a lifetime prescription for hormones so that they can live out a mental disease that will likely end in suicide anyway. No sane lawmaker would actually be like, yeah, we'll pass a law making it illegal to refer to a male as a male and actually gives armed agents of the state the ability to enforce this rule on pain of death. But that is where we are in 2017.
Straight men are now told that it’s “transphobic” to prefer their women penis-free. The tranny argument is “If I think I’m a woman, you need to see me as one, even if I have a wiener.” Straight men are no longer allowed to find penises sexually unattractive, because trans activism is about changing human nature itself. It’s nothing more than the newest iteration of the New Soviet Man, that 20th-century fallacy in which communist ideologues claimed that with enough reeducation and coercion, mankind could overcome every natural instinct the state considered counterrevolutionary.
And now we get to where I part with the writer:
With the gay marriage issue, wherever you stand on it, the fact is it really doesn’t affect non-gays. Oh sure, Christian conservatives and “traditionalists” will make the “slippery slope” argument (“If you allow gays to wed, it might not impact your life immediately, but over time it will erode the moral fabric of our nation and one day a satanist cannibal will eat your sister”), and there have indeed been individual cases of compulsion involving wedding cakes, but still, it’s just a fact: Two men in Miami tying the knot has absolutely zero bearing on my life or yours.
See this author, like many fail to understand how the tranny situation came about. See the same social rules that kept homosexuals in check, kept the other parts of the coalition in check. Once you compromised with one part of the clique you compromised with the entire clique. Furthermore; this guy fails to understand how these people operate. This concept isn't original with me but I'll repeat it here.

What these organizations do is take a step that alarms the public. The public gets alarmed and the organization stops and waits for the population to calm down. Once that happens they push again. Rinse and repeat. Each time the excuse is, well it doesn't affect you directly so what's your problem? Slowly but surely the inches add up and the public has been thoroughly infiltrated or changed and it's essentially too late to go back because going back requires quick and sharp changes that very few people have the stomach to do (see illegal immigration).

This is why the successful movements don't go full revolution, they go reform. Each reform adds up and in the end you get the same end as the revolution. So yeah, the guy getting married in Miami absolutely affects you. Because once one state has legal homosexual marriage, then the other states have to deal with it in the form of discrimination lawsuits. Then the schools get pressured to represent "all families" and so now your kid or grandkid is taught about "my two dads" and there's nothing you can do about it except spend massive amount of your net worth on private school or the home schooling. Then even though the constitution clearly states that your religious beliefs and exercise thereof cannot be abridged by the state, the state will shut down your business cause you want no parts of a homosexual wedding.

Therefore knowing that there are long term domino effects to caving to homosexuals, it is the height of short sightedness and non-consideration of one's posterity to act like just because a wedding in Miami doesn't actually affect your life, that it won't affect those that come after you.

So yeah, the current tranny situation is a direct result of caving on gay marriage. Cause and effect.