Days Black People Not Re-Enslaved By Trump

Wednesday, November 09, 2016

High Priority Items for Trump in 2017

Sorry folks but I had other things I had to do (including a half marathon) so I couldn't post in the run-up to the election. This post is about what Trump should be doing in the first year in office.

Restore Law and Order in Government!

Pretty sad that this even needs to be said but the reason there are more than 11 million persons residing illegally in the United States is because the government is no longer enforcing the law (unless you are a citizen...a "nobody" citizen). This needs to be turned around pronto. Here's what I think a Trump administration needs to handle this:

1) Announce, very publicly a meeting with INS, Border Patrol and related bodies. Just announce the meeting is happening. This is the warning shot to those persons who should not be here, that time is up.

2) Announce that any municipality, city or state with "sanctuary policies" are in direct violation if immigration law and that:
a) Will have all federal funds frozen until such policies are reminded.
b) Charges will be brought against any and all officials responsible for enacting such illegal policies. These charges will include accessory to murder or negligent homicide if any illegal resident that was given sanctuary committed a homicide.

3) Have the INS and whatever related body subpoena all ID records of states with sanctuary policies. This includes any state that hands out driver's licenses and other non-driver ID's (which serve as a means of facilitating illegal immigration). Have lawyers on standby for the inevitable lawsuits. Remember that the Arizona ruling that the Federal Government is responsible for immigration matters has already gutted any state objection to such subpoenas.

Anyone on this lists who "fit the profile" of someone not in the country legally will be asked to report to INS. those who comply get 3 months to get their affairs in order and leave the country. Those who do NOT get a visit from INS and if determined to be in the country illegally are immediately removed.

The point here is to show that the state is not fucking around anymore. Those who object should know that it was the fault of the Democrats and Republicans who failed to enforce the law that they swore to uphold and who flouted the law for their own personal reasons.

2) Deal with BLM and Soros' Open Society organization. BLM that Soros funded uprising against police and law in general needs out be dealt with firmly. There are dead police out there. Investigations should be done into any organization that the BLM murderers were involved with. Soros's Open Society organization should be held criminally and financially responsible for any deaths that are connected to their activities. While criminal prosecution may not be successful, it will send the same message: The government is not fucking around now.

In particular we need prosecution of those DNC/Hillary support organization that broke election law by coordinating as well as by inciting actual violence at Trump rallies. They need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. 3) Time to deal with Academy.

While it is not possible (and shouldn't be) to police private schools, those run by the state should be held to account for their liberal bias. The skewed representation of liberal to conservative (and whatever else) academics is evidence of employment discrimination. a Trump DOJ should open investigations for state run universities.

The absolutely overhyped "rape culture" bullshit needs to be dealt with head on. State universities should be held accountable for railroading those accused of sexual assault. Heads need to roll where such gender discrimination is being done. In my opinion all sexual assault claims should go through the police. No police report, no action by university. Period. Time to treat women as grown ups. If they cannot be bothered to report (for whatever reason) then we're not going to assume guilt.

These are things that certainly can be done to great effect within the first year.