Days Black People Not Re-Enslaved By Trump

Sunday, May 01, 2016

Dear Move On.Org: Please Fuck Off

I have been a long time subscriber to MoveOn's mailing list. Mostly due to it's opposition to the Bush presidency. Which was completely reasonable. However once Obama got into office MoveOn became an entirely different beast. Or perhaps it was the same beast but I was mistaken as to the type of beast I was dealing with. Since the 2016 campaign, MoveOn has become, in my opinion, more than just a mouthpiece of the Democratic party but a party to treason. I don't throw the word treason out very often and I don't use it lightly. In a country that has freedom of speech enshrined in it's sovereign law, the charge of treason is not something that should be easy to accuse much less prosecute. But here's why I say so.

I received yet another anti-Trump e-mail from MoveOn which contained the following:

My name is Ann Lewis, and I'm the Chief Technology Officer at MoveOn. I'm writing because MoveOn is under attack by Donald Trump, and we need your help.

Here's the situation: Over the past few months, as Donald Trump has campaigned from city to city, MoveOn members have turned out for peaceful demonstrations against his carnival of hate.

In response, Trump attacked us in the media, calling MoveOn members "not a good group of people," while his media surrogates explicitly blamed MoveOn for violence he incited at his rallies.1,2

Now MoveOn can call Trump's campaign whatever they want. But I have a serious problem with a supposed American organization calling a candidate who is opposed to illegal immigration and it's attendant devastation on jobs and it's crime that shouldn't occur on US soil at all as a "carnival of hate". But that's not the worst of it. Having now admitted that MoveOn member have attended Trump rallies, this means that MoveOn knows full well that their member have engaged in violence at these rallies. It is a federal crime to commit acts of violence or even disruption at an event with secret service security. This means that MoveOn is, as an organization enabling the breaking of federal law in order to influence a presidential election. This. Is. Treason.
That's when things started getting ugly. We've been flooded with hate mail, spam, and personal threats to our staff and online security.

As a result, we're conducting a top-to-bottom security audit to secure our systems in advance of the general election. We won't back down from Trump, but we need to be prepared. Will you chip in $3?

In a rule of law America, a "security audit" would be the least of MoveOn's worries.
We've all seen the videos of Trump supporters punching and shoving protestors—as well as Trump's explicit statements encouraging violence. What the public doesn't see is the avalanche of threats that come in through email and social media. It's more hate mail of a more vicious nature than we received even when we took on the NRA or helped take down the Confederate Flag. It's frightening.
I'm going to guess that MoveOn is staffed by feminists. In any case, this is the line that earned this posting. Just this past week we saw an ugly, ugly, treasonous and racist (of the "anti-white" form. There are many forms of racism since, racism is any ideology of or about race) protest against Trump. Property was damaged. People were assaulted, harassed and threatened with bodily harm and there were open calls for breaking up the US as a nation by people flying foreign flags. Donald Trump who is lawfully running for head of state was forced to reroute his entrance to a secret service "secured" [sic] event due to this.

There is free speech and there is treason and sedition. What we saw last week was the latter. In America, no candidate for office should be so threatened. Persons should be able to see and hear this candidate without fear of life, limb or property. Instead of MoveOn sending a message to it's membership condemning the behavior we saw. MoveOn asked for money for it's security systems.

Fuck Move On.

And fuck Clinton and Sanders. And Cruz and Kaisich. The DNC, the RNC and each and every representative that failed to stand up and speak forcefully against the behavior we saw last week. The condemnation of the behavior shown last week should have been across party lines, ideological lines and any other lines that American citizens have drawn for themselves. Violence and intimidation to enforce a political desire is and should be unacceptable. Period. That is the entire point of the right to vote and the entire point of freedom of peaceable assembly and petition of government. If the so called "leadership" cannot stand up for constitutional principles which is what "we are supposed to be". Then I get to call them traitors.

And MoveOn can fuck off. They were good with the violence so let them deal with it (even though they aren't seeing any of it and they are simply damseling for dollars).