Days Black People Not Re-Enslaved By Trump

Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Emotionally Unstable

One of the problems with the current left is their increasing inability to control their emotions and evaluate situations rationally. This is seen with the "safe spaces" rage among college children, and I do mean "children". It is seen in the irrational responses to things like "Trump 2016" chalkings on college campuses. To be fair the supposed adults who are supposed to be running theses institutions and are supposed to be setting the example are failing in their job of properly socializing these children. Still though, it is sad to see these emotional midgets masquerading as "strong black people".

Our last example of this class of people was Dr.(!) Imani Perry of Princeton University(!), where she discussed how afraid she was by being held accountable for a ticket she declined to pay and court summons she decided to ignore. Today's example is of the would be airline passenger kind.

Early Monday morning, Imani Cezanne wrote on Twitter that she had been escorted by security off of an airplane because she was wearing a Black Lives Matter shirt.

“Today I was escorted off of a plane by two armed caucasian male officers. I have never believed so strongly that I could die at any moment,” Cezanne wrote. She also posted a picture of the shirt she had been wearing, captioning the image, “What I was wearing when I was unnecessarily ejected from my flight because the FA felt ‘threatened.’ Coincidence?”

A flight attendant tossed this chick off a plane because she had a shirt on with the names of various black people.


And this chick "never so strongly believed she was going to die at any moment".


This is so over the top that it isn't even funny. Trayvon, named on her shirt certainly knew what it felt like to "never so strongly believe" he was going to die. This chick was never even remotely in such danger. But lets get back to the actual incident that got her removed from the plane in her own words:

So the actual reason she was taken off the plane was because she couldn't mind her business and decided to butt into the work being performed by the flight attendant. Apparently Mz. Thing is of the opinion that American Airlines and the flight attendants need to get clearance from her in order to do their jobs. So no, she wasn't tossed off the flight for being black. She got tossed off the flight for being an ass. Good for American Airlines.

Now here's the sad thing. It is highly likely that American Airlines will bow to pressure and try to "make good" with this chick in order to avoid bad publicity rather than defend the actions of it's employees and stop allowing drama queen blacks and women to bully people who don't kiss their asses.