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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Boko Haram Burns Kids Alive

A survivor hidden in a tree says he watched Boko Haram extremists firebomb huts and heard the screams of children among people burned to death in the latest attack by Nigeria's homegrown Islamic extremists.
The violence continued as three female suicide bombers blew up among people who managed to flee to neighboring Gamori village, killing many people, according to a soldier at the scene who insisted on anonymity because he is not authorized to speak to journalists.

It was not known how many scores of people were killed because bodies still were being collected, including from the surrounding bushes where the insurgents hunted down fleeing villagers, according to Abba Shehu, a security guard helping collect corpse [my underlines]

I'm going to ask the question: Were any of the 3 women the "missing girls"? If so, did they blow themselves up or were they remote detonated? If they blew themselves up were they under threat of death?

Lastly; I'm sure somewhere in some university a professor is blaming some white person somewhere, or maybe the explosives. Yahoo News