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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Yahoo Joins the fray, The Ghost Breaks Out The Stats

The LA Tims reports on Yahoo's employee demographics. Headline:
Yahoo reveals its workforce, too, is dominated by men
Let me pause and address this very, very sexist title. Could you imagine the following:
NBA reveals its workforce, too, is dominated by Blacks
Chicago reveals its murderers, too, are dominated by blacks
And as if anyone really gives a shit.
[name a city public works department] too are dominated by men
Because you know, men do most, as in 99% of the hard and dirty labour that the public uses every day without so much as a though or a thanks. But when it's a field that women want in on, the fact that there are men all over the place is a problem. But when it comes to a field such as say, nursing do you ever see this?
Holy Name Hospital reveals it's nursing staff, too, is dominated by women
Or how about elementary education?
[anytown] USA school chancellor reveals that it's teaching staff, too, is dominated by women
Oh it is true that there are smatterings of discussions about the lack of men in teaching positions in elementary and high school education, but never is it presented in such a way that women dominating the teaching profession is a problem. With all that said, I'll go back to the original purpose of this post.
The company also reported that 50% of its U.S. workers are white and 39% are Asian. African Americans and Latinos make up just 6% of U.S. workers.
Once again the fact that Asians are so overly represented at Yahoo just as they are at LinkedIn and Google goes entirely uncommented on. I suppose a headline like:
Asians totally overrunning US tech Industry
Wouldn't fly partially because it would bring a LOT of attention to H1B visas. But looking at the fact that African-American and Hispanic employees make up a combined 6% of the employees brings us to why this is Yahoo's "fault" or "problem".

Lets' look at the data shall we?

Total Ph.D. production in computing programs held steady in 2010-11, with 1,782 degrees granted
That's very few people getting top level PHD's in computer science. I'm sure that they are in high demand as well. According to that paper. CS BS degrees awarded topped out in 2003 with around 22k degrees awarded. when we look at the ethnic and racial breakdown of those awarded said degrees we find that "Black or African-Americans" get 4.6% of those degrees [Pg 7]

Whites take 64.8% and Asians 15.3%

When we look at gender we find that women take 29.5% of Masters to 70.5% for men. When we look at Master's degrees by race and ethnicity we find:

Black or African-American: 2.6%
White 31.2%
Asian 12.4%
Non-resident Alien 50.4% (Why is "Non-resident Alien" recorded with ethnicity?)

When it comes to Phd level degrees, Men hold 80.2% of the degrees to women's 19.8% Black or African-American's hold 1.4% of PhD level CS degrees
Whites, 34.3%
Asians 12.3%
Nonresident Alien 49.6% (again why is this in the ethnicity section and WHO is it hiding?)

So returning to Yahoo's information we find that their employees reflect the educational attainment of the various groups mentioned. Why is this being presented as if Yahoo is or has done anything wrong?

Clearly then this entire "why are so many [white] men employed" run is about something other than facts. If black folks want to see their numbers go up, then it is clear that more of them will need to enter and graduate computer science programs.

It's always easier to cry wolf than to actually buckle down and do the hard work. I for one would appreciate it if one of these companies looked a journalist in the eye and say:

Our employees represent that overall demographics of those who complete various levels of computer science degrees. Don't bother us until or unless those demographics change. interview over.