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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Is The American Council on Education Against HBCUs?

As a Garveyite I believe that black students should attend and financially support black colleges and universities first and foremost. For me, affirmative action and the brain drain to HWCUs is a direct threat to black institutions. Of course most black people (anywhere) are NOT Garveyites and therefore do not particularly care about black colleges and universities. It is interesting that in the wake of the Supreme Court decision on Michigan's ban on using race, sex, ethnicity or national origins in admission criteria to see people make statements that directly condemn institutions such as Morehouse, Tuskegee and Spelman:
Molly Corbett Broad, president of the American Council on Education, issued a statement declaring her group’s disappointment with the Supreme Court’s ruling. She said: "All colleges and universities, in Michigan and every other state, should be able to seek to create the most challenging possible academic environment and produce students fully prepared to function in today’s society—and a diverse student body is critical to that pursuit."
So in essence the argument is that HBCUs, by virtue of being overwhelmingly black do not produce students "fully prepared to function in today's society".

Utter bullshit says this Tuskegee grad. And I'll take the opportunity to speak on the behalf of millions of HBCU graduates who are functioning quite well in this "modern society".

I call on all graduates of HBCUs and those who appreciate HBCUs to call out people who make statements such as that made by Molly Corbett Broad. We will not be kicked under the bus for the benefit of those students and their parents who wish to go to or send their children to HWIU.