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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Two Points On Juror B37

1) Juror B37 said "It was pouring." YouTube Link of CNN Interview I don't know if the prosecution entered the weather report for that evening into evidence, but I covered that in Trayvon Watch Part 8:
At the time of the confrontation between Zimmerman and Trayvon, ~7:09 PM, Feb 26, 2012, it was slightly raining. What we would call a "light drizzle".

6:53 PM 63.0 °F 60.1 °F 90% 30.30 in 7.0 mi NE 6.9 mph - 0.00 in Rain Light Rain 7:53 PM 63.0 °F 60.1 °F 90% 30.30 in 10.0 mi East 5.8 mph - 0.03in Overcast

It wasn't pouring. It wasn't sleeting, snowing. Nor was there a hurricane blowing through the town. It was lightly raining which means if you're covered you're unlikely to be running (which probably would have made Zimmerman suspicious as well), or in any particular rush to get home (particularly if you're talking to a female on the phone before you get back under parental supervision).

So this juror went on facts that were possibly not in evidence but was incorrect. It was NOT pouring. 2) Juror assumed Trayvon was a criminal:

CNN Interview

Trayvon was suspicious because:

1) "He was cutting through the back" Translation: Niggers can't take short cuts. Niggers must walk in designated pathways only.

2)"It was raining." Translation: Niggers ought not walk in the rain. Niggers can only walk in the rain with a permit.

3) "He was looking in houses": Let me stop here for a minute. I went for my run yesterday evening just after dark. I walked the last quarter mile. I looked into windows of houses and apartments. According to this....person...I should have been considered "suspicious". A test for anyone reading this: Walk down the street in a residential neighborhood and see how long it takes for you to look in the direction of a house.

Anyway. Translation: Niggers must not look anywhere but down at their feet or straight ahead.

4) "Did not appear to have a purpose": Translation: Niggers can't just take a stroll. If niggers don't have a reason for being out and about, then they should expect to be accosted and shot.

5) "George didn't recognize who he was": Translation: Nigger didn't have his ownership papers on hand.