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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Perfect Storm 2

So last weekend 37 people were shot. 9 died. Stop. Last weekend. 9 dead 37 shot. And folks are worried about Michelle Obama's head on a historical painting? Anyway, in 2010 I wrote a piece entitled A Perfect Storm of Pathologies about a rape that occurred in Chicago in which I noted one disturbing aspect of that crime:
That leads to my final issue. The mother of the male who was too impatient to get his rape on, who, like those "grown" men involved should have known better. Backed up her son's outrageous claim of the victim's consent. Clearly we have a failure on the part of the parent. If you are a parent and your son thinks that it's OK to engage in intercourse with someone who is unable to give consent, you have failed.
Turns out that this is not an isolated situation. In the recent report on the mass shootings in Chicago I saw the following:
Last year a Chicago mother was arrested after she allegedly drove her son and an accomplice to shoot a person they believed was a snitch.
From the original article:
Cicero Police Chief Bernard Harrison said the mother likely thought the person who allegedly told police about a drug-related incident was in Cicero when she drove her son and a friend to shoot the person. "But they ended up shooting someone else," Harrison said in an issued statement.
Again what we have here is not only a perfect storm of pathologies but a clear example of intergenerational socialization into criminal behavior. I'm going to leave it at that.