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Friday, July 13, 2012

San Diego Reader Magazine Headline: “No One Likes Black Girls”

From the San Diego Reader
Do note that the picture they used is of a black child with clear European or other non-African ancestry. The purpose is not to nit pick at what "black" child is presented but you would think that if one is going to write a piece in which one discusses how people do not like black girls, one would put a black girl on the cover. Particularly one with "motherland" black hair that "naps up" into little beads when allowed to grow naturally.

For those who don't know of what I speak of, see below:

You will note the texture of the hair. I know some o' y'all haven't seen such a thing up close and personal.

[update] apparently the actual piece: Is about something ENTIRELY different. Fell for the click bait. [/update]