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Saturday, March 06, 2010

Yet Another Follow Up

Wow. Shannon has written some more. Personally I think the subject has gotten far more attention than it should have but hey it's a slow news day.

Like my cat, I'm bored. Yawning even. I suppose I can entertain myself with this some more. Again, unlike Shannon, I will respond directly to what she said, not what I tawt I taw. her previous piece Shannon starts off again with the name calling. You would think that Shannon would cease and desist with that immature behavior.

You'd think.

Let's mock this dumbass!

Oh yeah. Lets name call. Lets encourage other people to name call. Never mind that he took on my piece paragraph by paragraph. Never mind that he never named called me. Never mind that he didn't misquote me. Lets name call.

I told ya'll it's usually a bad sign when the piece starts with name calling. It's almost as if she wants to publicly verify what I said. Anyway let's proceed...again.

He blows a lot of hot air about porn, completely ignoring that porn is ACTING. A PERFORMANCE. A HUGE ASS INDUSTRY. THAT WHEN THE REST OF US GET BUSY, WE GOTTA GO AND GET FOLKS TO UNLEARN THIS BS.

Where did I say that porn is definitively not acting? Did Shanon even bother to go through my public twitter timeline and see what I actually wrote? No. Let me do this bit of elemental research for her:

Mr Tunji
12 hours ago
@drgoddess back to intimacy: A) Porn (with the exception of the homemade variety) is staged. The clueless don't get that.

So where did Shannon get the idea that I don't know that a lot of porn is in fact staged? She made it up. Why would she do that? More importantly why are her peers allowing her to do that?

Secondly you'll note that I made an exception for the "homemade" variety. Ordinary people who decided to set up a camera in their homes, hotels, cars, whatever and did whatever it is they want to do and posted it on the internet. Scary thought that people actually have the freedom to do that kind of stuff isn't it? I'd post the proof but I don't want my blog being an entry point for that material. Let's get back to Shannon.

Nobody made anyone perform in blackface, either, but I'm not going to accept that it's all cool and non problematic.

Oh! An attempted race-gender intersection. She knows kung-fu!

Here's the problem with that move. The express purpose of blackface (performed by whites or blacks) was to make a characature of black people by presenting them in a way that the do not look and by showing them behaving in a manner which they did not actually behave. In the blackface era, these were the only representations of black people and deemed the definitive representation of black folk. To summarize it was a product of a completely false constructed social universe.

Now lets look at porn. Do men and women have sex? Yes they do. Porn reflects that. Does porn reduce women to a single stereotype. No. Oh you need that explained? Sure: You have fat porn and skinny porn. Old lady porn, Young lady porn? Short people porn, tall people porn. Fake bodies porn, real bodies porn. Male as dominant porn, Male as submissive porn. There is no one single type of porn like there was archetypical black face. Black face was only black face, huge red lips, white bug eyes and broken english.

But even with that. As much as I oppose blackface and do not participate in it, I defend the right of people to make blackface movies and for people to consume it. I simply will not be one of them. I'll go even further. I think the antics of Flavor Flav in flavor of love (there's a porn take off on it) is modern day coonin' blackface without the ink. None other than Chuck D has defended Flav for having the right to go and coon. He doesn't agree with it but clearly sees that Flav has the right to "do flav". We have the right to not consume.

Back to Shannon:

I understand that some people think anything with sex in it is saved from comment. Me? No fucking way.

Some people may. But I'm not one of those "some people". It appears that Shannon can read so I'll redirect her attention back to the original piece where I objected to the proposition that black men's access to porn was a privilege. I object to that statement because it is demonstrably not true and because it passes judgment on the tastes of persons involved. We can comment all we want on people's proclivities but at the end of the day what consenting adults decide to do and consume is their business. If Shannon has a problem with that then Shannon has a problem with personal freedom.

More from the trove of "stuff I didn't say":

Just because porn depicts people performing sex acts doesn't mean that we can't be like "dude, she's faking it.

Didn't say it. SO she can't be referring to me.

And I bet she doesn't actually do that in the bedroom.

I would assume that which someone is willing to do on camera, sexually, one is willing to do away from a camera. I bet that Shannon is projecting her own objections onto other people too. She seems to be good at it.

And now onto the trove of supposition and "can't bother to spell his name correctly":

And when guys that Sonjata or whatever say that they really think this is about two people in the bedroom, that they just woke up one day and decided to make a sex tape, that creeps me out.

Did I misspell Shannon's name? Did I? Copy-Paste? Heard of it. Anyway, let me clue in Shannon. I am "on tape". And yes me and the woman I was with decided out of the blue, in the middle of the day to tape ourselves. We watched it after. Really. Stop assuming you know what and why people do things. Seriously. Shannon has absolutely no clue as to what she is saying. No clue. Not only that but who cares if she's creeped out by that? Why is Shannon so self-centered. Who cares what she thinks. Is she on the tape? No. Then back off.

You can't say don't judge people's bedrooms when the windows are wide open. If porn actors, directors and producers wanted us not to talk about their work, they'd not post it on the net, nor would they try to induce people to spend money on it.

Well actually having sex in view of the public is an arrestable offense country-wide. So that analogy is really poor. Secondly, until the internet blew up, one had to either subscribe to cable or take a trip to your local red-light district. The internet gives pretty easy access, which is definitely something that needs to be looked at and dealt with. That said, you still need to voluntarily go there. No one is enticed to view that stuff unless you cannot resist spam e-mail adverts. Take some responsibility. Bang Bros is not going to randomly show up on your TV or your computer.

In any case no one is saying we can't talk about it. Heck the whole twitter conversation on that kinda makes that whole commentary sound, well, stupid. I shall repeat for those who may be confused. I object to passing judgement on people and making assumptions on persons who perform or consume the material. Not a few "starletts" have twitter accounts. Why not pose the questions directly to them?

Anyway, Back to the trove of "stuff I didn't say":

You see, when folks say they can't tell the difference between a fantasy, even a misogynistic white centric fantasy, and reality, that scares me.

I shall repost the twitter post:

Mr Tunji
12 hours ago
@drgoddess back to intimacy: A) Porn (with the exception of the homemade variety) is staged. The clueless don't get that.

Real sex doesn't come in neat boxes of anal asians,

I assure Shannon that somewhere in these United States there is an asian woman having anal sex. Maybe even in her state of residence.

black man on white girl

What's that sound? Oh I recognize that sound? It's the sounds of not a few black men with white wives and girlfriends having a hearty laugh as they retire to the bedroom.

or 'mature'

That would be the older sistas in the clubs laughing now.

Real sex isn't a performance

Given the advertisement for Viagra and that ever smiling Enzyte man I would have to agree that there are a lot of men not "performing".

And now for the big denial:

And his experience of feminists claming that looking at a woman is sexual harrassment is as phoney balony as the white folks who swear up and down, up and down, that black people stole their spot in college, or MRAs who swear up and down that women are poking holes in condoms and using turkey basters in their exhaustive drive to have screaming babies wake them up every single day for months on end. I just don't believe it.

Remeber dear reader that I said that there are feminists who feel seh that black men's experiences and positions are to be denied, ignored and ridiculed. I give you exhibit A. So in addition to calling me a "dick" and "dumbass" Shannon is calling me a liar. Never mind she has absolutely no proof that I am lying. I'm a man. I'm straight. I'm black therefore I'm a dumbass, lying dick. What more do you need?

Oh here's the justification:

I think it's because I hear so much minimization of male violence or at least male jerkassery.

I don't believe the "dumbass, lying dick" because all I pay attention to are "dumbass, lying dicks" I suggest Shannon upgrade the quality of men she interacts with.

Returning to the trove of "stuff I didn't say":

I bet once we get to the end of that story of 'just looking', we'll have guys leering on the street, folks looking at folks undressing, and video tapes of people's panties all in 'just looking'. I mean, if actual rape can be called 'having sex' by news outlets, what can we expect from dude?

ahh here we go. men leering. Personally I think men who stare at women walking along the street in an obvious manner lack class. In fact I stated that. Secondly I also stated that I object to men who do Upskirt and toilet/bathroom cameras. However; I will re-iterate for the ill-informed. Public photography of people in public is legal. Period. And it should be. And yes, as classless as it is, it includes the notorious "booty cams" that make appearances after freak week and other black street festivals.

And now Shannon doesn't like science:
If a black person with a penis identifies as a woman, I go with it.

I don't. Deal with it.

Back with the "stuff I didn't say":

The idea that if only fathers would come back and head the family, all would be fine does trivialize women's work, and makes it invisible.

I do wonder if Shannon is in fact dyslexic cause I wrote:

I said in regards to that idea that the presupposition that strong black men (whatever those are) as head of household being an absolute negative has not been proven. For the not too bright that means I'm open to the discussions of the pros and cons of Black men as head of household. Lets supply evidence for and against. Secondly though I'm sure that many in the African-American community have idealized fantasies about a great deal of things, I never made such a claim. I repeat that my claim is that Strong black men (whatever they are) as head of household has not been proven to be definitively negative.

Read it dear reader. Did I make the statement she claimed I made?

I don't think being a man or being a woman is essential to the family.

It is a truly sad state of affairs when such a thing can be said in seriousness. Massa done taught this one well.

Lastly *yawn* we have this:

Also, yes, I did call out the general male privilege of "I deserve this sort of woman". Because it annoys me. Men seem to believe they deserve the proverbial ten, when they are batting more at a one, or maybe a two. I'm not attacking all black men, just the sort of black man who says I'm not dating black women for X reason, and you look at him, and say "and you're so great, why?"

Let me assume then that Shannon cannot run a mile in under 7 minutes. Anyway. Shannon has a problem with men who have high expectations of the women they want to deal with. I say bully for them. I think black women ought to have high standards for what they want as well. Of course people who have outrageous requirements ought to be checked but seriously what does that have to do with porn? I'll ask the reader to watch my first episode of Garvey's Ghost TV where I discuss the bell curve. Perhaps ol' girl lookin' for mr. 6'5 was watching too much porn.